Super Bowl

Here Are the Best Memes from Super Bowl 2017: Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson & the Deflated Falcons

We all just witnessed an incredible Super Bowl. The New England Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons with the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, which also featured the first overtime period in the big game's 51-year history. Lady Gaga also had a great evening, with her triumphant, well-executed, subtly-political halftime show. A lot of serious things went down tonight in Houston's NRG Stadium, so let's take some time to review the irreverent ways in which the Internet made sense of it all.

We give you the most definitive memes of Super Bowl LI:

Former President George H. W. Bush made it out for the coin toss, along with former first lady Barbara Bush. Last month, the 92-year old ex-President was hospitalized for respiratory sickness, forcing him to miss Donald Trump’s inauguration. Or maybe he was just ducking Donald? 


Leading up to kickoff, not everyone on hand was ready for some football. 



The underdog Falcons jumped out to a 21-0 first half head, with the last touchdown coming off a Tom Brady pick-six. The quarterback's performance has been deflating before...


After a quiet first quarter, Atlanta's star wide receiver Julio Jones got going in the second quarter, with this incredible sideline catch. His effort to get both feet in bounds got people thinking about the choreo in Michael Jackson's "Bad" video. 



The cameras flashed to Fox commentator Terry Bradshaw; had he unknowingly gone on air with this huge stain on his shirt? 


A few minutes later, we learned it was just some viral #branding. 

Did The Simpsons predict Lady Gaga’s halftime show routine? Or was it prophesied in Spongebob all along? 



After the Falcons blew a historic lead, what was Steph Curry thinking? Maybe people will be easing off those "Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead" jokes now?



And finally, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to present the New England Patriots with the Lombardi trophy months after Tom Brady served a controversial four-game suspension enforced by the commish. We bet he was clenching a lot like Arthur's fist. 



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