Super Bowl

Lady Gaga Cleans Up For Touching Tiffany & Co. Super Bowl Commercial

Tiffany & Co. - Introducing Lady Gaga for Tiffany HardWear
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Tiffany & Co. - Introducing Lady Gaga for Tiffany HardWear

Moments before Lady Gaga took to the field for what the Super Bowl has dubbed "music's biggest moment" -- also known as the halftime show -- her commercial for Tiffany & Co. aired in anticipation of the performance. 

"I am a rebel," a cleaned up Gaga says to the camera after playing a harmonica, her wrists and ears dripping in statement-making silver jewelry. The spot publicized the company's new fashion jewelry collection, Tiffany HardWear -- a suitable line for Gaga to represent. 

The commercial, shot entirely in black and white, played into the more subtle Gaga that fans have grown accustomed to seeing following the release of her latest album Joanne. 

The commercial marked Tiffany & Co.'s return to television after two decades. Watch below.