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Mountain Dew Introduces Creepy PuppyMonkeyBaby in Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl Puppymonkeybaby
Courtesy Photo

A still from Mountain Dew's #PuppyMonkeyBaby Super Bowl ad. 

Mountain Dew is taking viewers into a creepy future where such three-in-one things such as Puppy Monkey Baby exists.

The combo is exactly what it sounds like -- and good look getting both the image, or the chant, out of your head after you watch the ad, which will premiere on TV during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The puppy/monkey/baby combo is meant to illustrate Mountain Dew Kickstart’s blend of Dew, juice and caffeine, but surely there had to be a less upsetting way to illustrate that, right? Or maybe you think it's cool and funny?

Watch below and decide for yourself.

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