JoJo Siwa Reveals the Dramatic Way She Asked Kylie Prew to Be Her Girlfriend

Kylie Prew, Jojo Siwa
Courtesy Photo

(L-R) Kylie Prew and Jojo Siwa

JoJo Siwa knows how to bring some sparkle to just about everything.

On the latest episode of Success With Jess, a podcast hosted by JoJo's mom, Jessalyn Siwa, JoJo and her girlfriend Kylie Prew stopped by for an interview about their relationship. During the chat, JoJo and Kylie discussed how they met, what it was like going from best friends to something more and then, eventually, their experience asking each other out.

First, Prew asked Siwa. On a weekend trip to California, Prew asked the 18-year-old dancer to be her girlfriend. But the two decided that they wanted a little more pomp and circumstance to the whole affair. "We decided that I also had to ask her to be my girlfriend too," JoJo said in the episode. "So I asked her the following weekend when she came back to California."

To do that, Prew says that JoJo decided to "put on a show." As Siwa tells it, Prew is absolutely correct. “I had a whole musical number. I had like word choreography that coordinated to music, and then it went into a song after -- it was magical” JoJo dished, while her mother laughed. “I had to do like 10 run-throughs [of the number] because I had to get the nerves out!"

At the end of the episode, the pair also shared some of their relationship advice with viewers watching at home, encouraging them to quit being petty with their partner and learn to apologize and move on. "Don't hold grudges over stupid things because it's dumb and it's going to waste your time, It's not going to matter in an hour, so it shouldn't matter then," Prew said. "So it's, like, just let it go. Because at the end of the day, if you both really want it to work, you'll make it work. So don't hold grudges, that's stupid."

Siwa agreed, offering the age-old adage that couples should "never go to sleep mad," before saying that couples should also be comfortable acknowledging one another as individuals. "Understand each other's lives," she said. "That's something that took me a second to realize that we don't live the same lives and we have very different things in our lives and there was a learning curve for me."

Check out the full interview with Siwa and Prew on Success With Jess below: