First Out: New Music From Big Freedia, Wrabel, L Devine & More

Big Freedia
David Needleman

Big Freedia photographed on July 18, 2019 at Vista Studios in Los Angeles.

Pride Month is almost here, so what better time to refurbish your playlists with new tunes from your favorite queer artists? Billboard Pride is here to help with First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Big Freedia's reimagining of a Lady Gaga classic, to Wrabel's latest stunning single, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

Big Freedia, "Judas" (Lady Gaga cover)

With a re-release of Born This Way on its way out, Lady Gaga decided to enlist a cadre of stars to help put their own twist on fan-favorite songs off of the album. Lucky for us, the first one to drop came straight from the Queen of Bounce herself, Big Freedia. "Judas," a song that's already impossibly good of its own accord, becomes an absolute banger in the hands of the Queen Diva — retrofitted with horns, choirs and a trap beat that will rattle whatever room your in, Freedia's rendition of "Judas" is exactly the kind of shake-me-up a re-release like this should aim for.

"Judas was my favorite song when it came out originally, so I really wanted to cover it. I am beyond excited that it’s the first to drop from this project!" Freedia said of her new cover. "To me, 'Judas' is a love song about when someone does you dirty. I’ve sure had my experience with that. Who can’t relate?"

Wrabel, "Nothing but the Love"

Sometimes, all you need is a pick-me-up anthem — and Wrabel is here to provide that for you. "Nothing but the Love," the latest single off of the singer-songwriter's upcoming debut album, is a song of pure, unadulterated adoration, as Wrabel's soulful voice soars over a thumping melody. Singing directly to his love, Wrabel makes clear exactly how he feels about them; "What could heal the pain of a broken heart? What could pick the pieces up and frame 'em like a work of art?" he croons. "What could take a tired soul and make it restart? Nothing but the love you give."

L Devine, "Girls Like Sex"

The title alone of L Devine's newest single bears repeating; throughout "Girls Like Sex," the singer's delightfully cheeky new single, Devine makes it clear that wanting to be pleased isn't a gendered idea. Over a groovy bass line and some twinkling synths, Devine's vocals serve as a middle finger to the patriarchy, wrapped in a brightly colored pop package. "Girls like sex," she flippantly croons on the chorus. "Are you stupid or did you forget?"

“For me, this song is about reclaiming my sexuality and flipping the tired old narrative that sex is for men and feelings are for women on its head. I want the song to empower women having casual sex," L Devine said of the track in a statement. "I wanted to make sure the song came out in time for Pride as I feel queer icons and queer artists have always been the artists who weren’t afraid to talk about sex in their music and make it fun and liberating.”

Vincint, "Kill My Heart (feat. Parson James & Qveen Herby)"

If you're trying to throw yourself a dance party in Pride Month, then Vincint's latest single is a must-have on your playlist. "Kill My Heart," featuring Parson James and Qveen Herby, is the four-to-the-floor house single that you need right now. Filled with the kind of deep house, trance-style production that will make you want to move your body and never stop, the song works even better when you take Vincint's out-of-this-world vocals into account, paired brilliantly with James and Herby. Simply put, "Kill My Heart" is the heartbreak anthem you didn't know you needed right now.

Kat Cunning, "Boys"

We don't have enough songs about what it actually means to transition in this day and age -- so Kat Cunning is here to lend their voice to an important message. Throughout "Boys," the nonbinary star sings directly to anyone who's going through a gender-affirming experience, telling them to "throw away the end of your first name," "give me your confession," if only to help them feel safe. Add onto that the song's incredible production, and you get a life-affirming new single that deserves your attention. "Unzip your skin and let me in/ We're the last ones, the last ones, the last ones here," they sing.

Asiahn, "OMW"

While we love hearing all the dance bangers every Pride Month, sometimes you just need a little something to cool down with. Lucky for you, Asiahn is here to provide with "OMW," her luxurious, smooth new single that will send you that rush of serotonin you needed. Filled to the brim with plucking string melodies, a constantly moving bassline, and Asiahn's ethereal voice, "OMW" is practically built to soothe your nerves, even if the song's lyrics contend with a world of injustice and pain. "But I gotta find the light even on my darkest days," Asiahn reassures herself on the pre-chorus. "Dreams too close to leave 'em so I gotta hit the gas/ I'm on my way."