'Drag Race' Star Aquaria Transformed Into Evanescence's Amy Lee Before Interviewing Her

Tanner Abel and Nicholas Needham

Aquaria as Amy Lee for PAPER Magazine, 2021

When RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 winner Aquaria got asked to interview Evanescence's Amy Lee, the queen decided that she would do more than just that — she would also become Amy Lee.

In a new interview with Paper, Aquaria transformed herself into a drag version of Lee, imitating her signature hair, makeup and outfits before sitting down with the frontwoman to discuss the band's newest song and what she thought of Aquaria's drag interpretation of her iconic look.

"It's really amazing to watch the transformation," Lee said of Aquaria's drag. "It's like another thing takes over, like you're inside a character, and it reminds me of the way that I feel when I'm on stage and the music just becomes personified in me. It's me when I'm on stage, for sure, but it's also kind of like I'm outside myself, like there's something else flowing through me."

For her part, Aquaria told Lee how she felt inspired by her sheer musical talent, and even compared it to drag as a form of self-exposure. "In the same way that I think a lot of queer people turn to drag to bloom and blossom, I think it's so special that you have such an immense talent for music and composition, and that you get to channel it in a way that makes so many people happy," Aquaria told Lee. "And I think it's awesome that you've continued to not just give the fans what they want, but be yourself, which is what the fans really deserve from you."

Lee also spoke with the Drag Race star about queer fans of Evanescence, thanking them for their constant support throughout her career. "To those fans: We've always known that you were there," she said. "You're one of us because I'm all about not fitting into the mold and about being who you really are despite what anybody thinks about you."

The pair chatted with one another about making music and doing drag in a pandemic, the prospect of the world opening back up, Evanescence's latest album The Bitter Truth, and much more. Check out the full interview here.