Randy Rainbow Dunks on Ted Cruz & Lindsey Graham With Hilarious 'Oklahoma' Parody

Randy Rainbow
Courtesy Photo

"TED and LINDSEY!" A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

As Republican senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham continue to make more and more theatrical calls for increased border security, internet comedian Randy Rainbow is letting them know just how obnoxious he finds them both.

On Monday (April 5), Rainbow released his latest video, "Ted and Lindsey," in which the comedian lampoons the two senators for their continual blunders over the last few months. Throughout the hilarious song, Rainbow makes clear that Democrat or Republican, left or right, almost every American can agree on one thing: "Everyone loves to hate on Ted and Lindsey!"

Set to the tune of "Kansas City" from the seminal Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!, Rainbow peppered his new parody with clips of Cruz and Graham inspecting the southern border in March, while going to town on their respective political careers. Rainbow mocked the Texas senator for "relaxing down by the pool at a f--king five-star resort" while his constituents dealt with no power or clean water as a result of massive winter storms in February.

Shifting focus to Graham, Rainbow immediately went on to shame the politician's sycophancy to former President Donald Trump, singing that the senator's obsequiousness makes him look ridiculous. "While one day Lindsey jumps through hoops when Daddy Donald calls/ The next he's clutching pearls when his supporters climb the walls," he sang, referring to Graham's condemnation of Trump following the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, which he later seemed to backpedal on. "Then he's back in the game, playing golf with his buddy and begging to hold his balls/ They've gone about as low as they can go."

Check out Rainbow's hilarious new parody "Ted and Lindsey" below: