First Out: New Music From Maggie Lindemann, Gia Woods, Morgxn & More

Maggie Lindemann
Naserin Bogado

Maggie Lindemann

We're just a few weeks away from the 2020 presidential election -- while you make sure you're registered to vote, why not listen to some new tunes from your favorite queer artists? Billboard Pride is here to help with First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Maggie Lindemann's Edward Scissorhands-inspired single, to Gia Woods' incredible debut album, check out some of our favorite new releases this week.

Maggie Lindemann, "Scissorhands"

Tim Burton's 1990 cult classic Edward Scissorhands is already a staple for most Halloween-lovers in October — but this year, Maggie Lindemann is giving you another reason to love "Scissorhands." On her biting new single, Lindemann leans hard into her rock side, blending nu-metal guitars and thrashing drums with her signature pop sound for an almost threatening track about what happens when you cross her.

"Why can't no one understand, I got scissors for my hands," she croons on the song's chorus. "Hold you closer but I can't, I don't wanna kill a man."

Gia Woods, Cut Season

It's never a bad time to have a "cut season" — that period where you take a closer look at all of your relationships and decide which ones aren't worth your energy. But for Gia Woods' new LP (her first full-length project since beginning her music career in 2016), the pop singer-songwriter is turning that phrase inward and surgically removing her own unhealthy habits.

Whether it's with the swaggering over-confidence of "Ego," or the chaotic self-destruction of "Sabotage," Woods takes a long look at her own personal demons, only to come out on the other side better for it. If her alt-pop sensibilities aren't enough for you, Cut Season's incisive lyrics will have you dancing along to this soundtrack of self-improvement.

Morgxn, "Pump the Break"

We're all living through hard times in 2020 — whether it's political strife, social reckonings or the constant presence of a global pandemic, it can be hard to see silver linings. But Morgxn thinks it's about time we all got injected with some hope.

"Pump the Break," the singer-songwriter's latest pop-driven single, is Morgxn's message of optimism in a world that's utterly lacking in it. The song's stomp-clap rhythm, accompanied by the star's chilled-out vocals as he encourages listeners to embrace "the wave" that we're all experiencing. "I’m navigating this time with nothing but my gut," he said of the song. "My hope with PTB is that you stop and think about the past that we no longer have and the future you want to see."

CocoRosie, "End of the Freak Show (feat. Big Freedia, Anohni, Brooke Candy & Cakes da Killa)"

Musical duo CocoRosie are on a mission: to help get Donald Trump voted out on November 3. With their latest single "End of the Freak Show," the pair are going out of their way to accomplish their goal, with a little help from queer favorites Anohni, Big Freedia, Cakes da Killa and Brooke Candy. The track, which is the third iteration of their song "Smoke 'Em Out" (the second, "Burning Down the House," was released on their 2020 album Put the Shine On), sees the bevy of queer talent calling on their fans to start a revolution and cast their votes in November.

"We are fired up to share a song that has already had more than one lease of life, re-birthed in a vital new form," the pair said in a statement. "Invigorated to be aligned with the fierce collaborators on this track in a time when we all need unity and lifting-up ever the more.”

Gregory Dillon, "lovely."

On his latest single, Gregory Dillon is in the fight of his life with his own inner demons. "Lovely," the first track off of the singer's upcoming debut EP Sad Magic, sees Dillon running from his own teenage angst as he wonders aloud whether or not he's doomed his own relationship thanks to his own self-sabotage. "A nightmare, a daydream/ Oh baby, what was I thinking," he sings on the chorus. "A moment, now fleeting/ Never stood a chance to just be lovely."

Joesef, Does It Make You Feel Good?

It's not too often that you get to see an artist offer a breakup album, and then immediately offer yet another breakup album about the same person a year later. But, for rising DIY artist Joesef, that's exactly what makes Does It Make You Feel Good unique — written after getting back together and once again breaking up with his ex, the new EP shows the singer leaning into the heartbreak, crooning candidly about his own mistakes, mixed in with some top-tier self-production and impactful songwriting.

"I don’t really give much away ever, so it will always make me feel uncomfortable sharing such personal aspects of my life, but maybe if it can help me work some s--t out, it could help somebody else too," he said of the new project in a statement.

Criibaby, "80s Kween"

On her dreamy new single "80's Kween," rising pop singer Criibaby is letting her lover know just how much they mean to her. Off of the singer's upcoming Love Songs For Everyone EP (out Oct. 11), the new track sounds like a classic R&B slow-jam with a modern twist, as Criibaby tells her significant other than being together is like "being lost in a crazy dream." If you're looking for a new jam to add to your romantic playlists, look no further.

Jetty Bones, "Taking Up Space"

We've all had those moments where we just don't feel good enough. Now, Jetty Bones is here to give you a glimpse into just how affecting that can be. On "Taking Up Space," the star blends an almost-country sound with her more characteristic alt-pop stylings as she questions whether or not she actually deserves any of her well-earned success.

"It’s about imposter syndrome," she explained in a statement about the new single. "I have a hard time figuring out if people actually want me around, even when they’ve paid for a ticket to see me. It follows me around to my friendships, career choices, connections and relationships. What would happen if I wasn’t even there, you know? There’s always someone ready to fill the spot anyway."

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