Gloria Trevi Calls on Latinx LGBTQ Youth to Embrace the 'Responsibility' of Voting

Gloria Trevi
Alex Cordova

Gloria Trevi

With the U.S. Presidential election fast approaching, more and more artists are finding ways to rally their fans to get out and vote. Now, Latin superstar Gloria Trevi is calling on a specific section of her fanbase to make their voices heard.

On Thursday (Sept. 24), Trevi teamed up with GLAAD to share a message aimed at young Latinx LGBTQ people, where the singer urged her fans to get out and vote this November. "To my dear friends in the LGBTQ community, we all know that our community leaders have the power to change many things that impact our lives," the translation of her Spanish message said. "However, we also have the power to make change and to decide who those leaders are."

The star emphasized in her message that voting is more than just a right for Americans, but something we should also recognize as an honor. "It’s very important that everyone - LGBTQ, Latino and all communities - come together, and understand that this is not only our responsibility but a privilege," she said. "Register to vote and exercise your right to vote."

Alongside her message to the community, Trevi is also announcing a new partnership with GLAAD to help fund the organization's Spanish-language work. Every donation of $10 0r more made to GLAAD here will enter fans into a sweepstakes, where they could win one of four spots on a special video call with Trevi, where the star will answer their questions in Spanish.

Check out Gloria Trevi's moving message to the Latinx LGBTQ community below: