John Cameron Mitchell Imagines a 'New American Dream' With Upcoming Benefit Album

John Cameron Mitchell and Justin Craig feat. Amber Martin, "NEW AMERICAN DREAM"
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John Cameron Mitchell and Justin Craig feat. Amber Martin, "NEW AMERICAN DREAM"

In a time when everyone is struggling to stay positive, artist John Cameron Mitchell wants to give fans something that will give them hope and will give back to their communities.

On Tuesday (Sept. 1), Mitchell announced his latest project, New American Dream, a benefit album filled with original songs and special guests designed to help fund a wide number of charities. Due out this Friday (Sept. 4), the new album includes a series of special guest songwriters and featured artists including Leland, Our Lady J, Stephen Trask, Alynda Segarra of Hooray for the Riff Raff, Julian Koster, Bitch from Bitch and Animal, and many many more.

All proceeds from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch creator's new album will be split among three charities: Burritos Not Bombs, a mutual aid food distribution program in Mexico City; the Transgender Gender-Variant and Intersex Justice Project, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization working to end human rights abuses against transgender, intersex, and gender-variant people; and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Trust Fund, the college scholarship fund for African-American students in need.

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“New American Dream is a lockdown-inspired remotely organized platonic musical orgy,” Mitchell said in a statement. “Like the old story about the Stone Soup, where strangers throw whatever food item they possessed into a communal pot, old friends and new donated music, vocals, overdubs, mixing, mastering, video production, art and publicity ... the whole experience has been such a comfort to us and we hope others will feel it too and add to the pot for the benefit of those in need.”

To give fans a taste of what's to come, Mitchell also released the official music video for the album's titular track (with featured spots from Amber Martin and Justin Craig), a political protest anthem that vividly imagines the ousting of President Donald Trump in favor of a better future. The surrealist, punk-rock clip uses puppets, paintings and a vomiting turtle-version of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. "A dream of an equitable caring society that speaks truth to powerlessness and welcomes and honors all those who honor their fellow humans and their terrified home, the Earth," Mitchell sings. "This is my dream."

You can pre-order John Cameron Mitchell & Friends' New American Dream on Bandcamp, and check out his uncanny new video for "New American Dream" below: