Heidi N Closet Picks the Top 4 Lip Syncs of 'Drag Race' Season 12

Heidi N. Closet
Courtesy of VH1

Heidi N. Closet

Not only was this year's season of RuPaul's Drag Race one of the toughest competitions in recent drag memory, but it was the perfect quarantine appointment viewing during the pandemic (and one that's been sorely missed since the season wrapped in May).

Heidi N Closet, a season 12 competitor equal parts fierce and sweet who surprised no one by being named Miss Congeniality, hopped on the phone with Billboard to look back on the most gag-worthy lip syncs from her season.

Having recently completed a move from her native Ramseur, N.C. to Los Angeles, Heidi laments not being able to enjoy the "typical Ru girl experience of traveling around the world" but is quick to note, "I'm very fortunate to be in the good space I am mentally, health-wise and financially because I know during these times a lot of people are struggling with those things – anxiety, depression, they might not have a job, so I'm fortunate. I'm sending lots and lots of love to everyone."

Cutting her chops in the North Carolina scene as a club performer, Heidi says hitting the Drag Race stage to lip sync for her life – even in front of guest judges like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Daisy Ridley -- never scared her. "Usually I would play to the camera. It's a TV show, so you try to give face to the camera, but also there's a point where you want to serve it a little for the judges, so you be like, 'Yeah, I'm talking to you, and you, AND you.' It's just having fun with it."

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Naturally, no one wants to be in the bottom on the show, but there were a couple lip syncs Heidi reveals she would've been happy to handle if needed. "The Frozen one ['Let It Go'], I was like, 'if I'm in the bottom this week I'll be fine -- I want to do this one because I'm a big Disney fan.' And the first week people went home with 'Problem,' Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande, that was the first song I ever performed. I was like, 'I know all these words. I love this song.' But I was glad I wasn't in the bottom [for those]."

But there were a few times Heidi did take the stage to lip sync for her life, which brings us to her picks for the four fiercest lip syncs of Drag Race season 12…. [Spoilers ahead -- but honestly, at this point, if you haven't watched S12, it's on you.]

"Kill the Lights" by Alex Newell and DJ Cassidy ft. Nile Rodgers
Heidi N Closet vs. Jackie Cox
Winner: Double save

"It was a high energy, off the wall lip sync. It's one of the songs I perform all the time at home, so I was right at home with that. I was like, 'okay let's do it, let's go, I'm ready – if I end up in the bottom this week, I'm gonna be okay.' The twirling [with my sleeves] was everything -- but they were difficult to perform in. Watching it back, Jackie was doing very well herself. I was entranced by her performance as Gilda Radner, she was very committed to the character, but I was wrapped up in the moment and not paying attention to it. But looking back I'm like, 'oh she was doing really well too!'"

"1999" by Prince
Heidi N Closet vs. Jaida Essence Hall
Winner: Jaida Essence Hall

"We had gotten really close at that point in the competition – we're still really close – and we knew going into it after the critiques, 'it's us two, we know it.' So there were a lot of emotions behind that lip sync. It was very touching and I was very happy if anyone would send me home, it was Jaida. We were probably the closest at that point to each other. I was happy she got saved. I was like, 'they absolutely have to pick her.' I don't feel so bad -- at least she won, so I can say I lost to the winner."

"Starships" by Nicki Minaj
Widow Von'Du vs. Gigi Goode
Winner: Widow Von'Du

"The opening episode where we had our top two of the week lip sync against each other, it was Widow Von'Du and Gigi Goode doing Nicki Minaj, that was an amazing lip sync. I remember at the very beginning Widow had those big hoop earrings that had the 'W' in between them. She takes them off and slings them to the back of the stage before she performs – you knew she was going to go OFF. She was like, 'I want that $5000, I'm going to get that $5000.' And Gigi was so comedic with her performance, stumbling all over the place -- and the point where she laid on the floor was hilarious as well. It was just a really good, high-energy way to kick off the season."

"This Is My Night" by Chaka Khan
Widow Von'Du vs. Jan
Winner: Widow Von'Du

"That was such a good lip sync! Oh my goodness, all the girls were like, 'if they do a double save this year, this might be it.' Jan gave it her all with that lip sync and Widow was possessed by Chaka Khan herself serving up the song. These lyrics are flowing out of her body right now! It was such a nail-biter in person."