Every Song From Troye Sivan's 'In a Dream' EP, Ranked

Troye Sivan
Tim Ashton

Troye Sivan

There are few artists as capable as Troye Sivan at capturing the modern sense of melancholy. So, in the midst of a global pandemic, the 25-year-old pop star is perfectly situated for a pop takeover.

On his brand new EP In a DreamSivan's gloomy pop is evolved to perhaps its highest form yet, as he stitches mournful lyrics with exuberant dance-pop production. Occasionally veering into the experimental, the entire EP remains true to Sivan's core musical style, as he studies the "emotional rollercoaster period" of his life through deeply satisfying music.

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With three of the project's six songs released already as singles, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear the entirety of Troye's new project. But which songs stand out among the rest? Below, we rank each of the six songs off of Troye Sivan's In A Dream EP:

6. "could cry just thinkin about you"

This stripped-down, '70s-rock ballad is a welcome new sound in Sivan's repertoire. "Could Cry" shows Sivan exploring the wreckage of a broken relationship, wondering how he's going to move forward. It's a lovely sound, I just wish we got to hear more of it -- clocking in at a mere 52 seconds, the song practically serves as an interlude to Sivan's grander tracks of In A Dream.

5. "Rager teenager!" 

The third single off of In a Dream "Rager teenager!" is a slow burn -- at first, the soothing harmonies of the backing synths seem to be in conflict with the song's declaration of pure angst, like "I just wanna f--k s--t up and just ride in your car tonight, in your bed tonight." But press that replay button, and you'll find yourself coming back to "Rager" for its chaotic drums, full melodic breakdown and the sheer insight of Sivan's songwriting.

4. "Take Yourself Home"

Even four and a half months later, "Take Yourself Home" is still a remarkably catchy song. Once you hear that chorus patter beginning with "I'm tired of the city," you'll find yourself singing it in your own head for days. The song's haunting melody worms its way into your head, while Sivan's songwriting evokes a calming feeling, as he reassures you that while you might be anxious and afraid now, eventually everything will turn out. Plus, that electronic dance coda is just fantastic.

3. "STUD"

Perhaps one of the sexiest songs that Sivan has ever written, "STUD" is In A Dream's club sleeper hit. Filled to the brim with deep, ear-ringing base notes, Sivan's distorted vocal wails about a one night stand with the song's titular hunk, as he appraises "all the muscles and the features I want." The song's dance break is infectious, its lyrics are clear and achingly relatable, and it'll have you wishing that your favorite gay club was open so you could go tear it up and find a "STUD" of your own.

2. "Easy"

Of the songs on In a Dream, "Easy" sounds like it could fit best on Sivan's last album Bloom. With its '80s pop synths and stunningly sad lyrics, the single evokes an earlier version of Troye with an upgraded style. The stylized autotune added to Sivan's voice as he sings lyrics like, "I can't even look at you, would you look at the space just next to your feet?/ The wood is warping, the lines distorting" adds just the right touch of '80s pop, while maintaining Sivan's casual demeanor, making for one of singer's most fascinating pop concoctions.


Troye Sivan is at his best when he's blending camp with sincerity; "IN A DREAM" exists at the apex of that spectrum. The production is pure, dreamy pop-rock at its finest, with a relentlessly positive drum beat, chunky guitar licks and shimmering synths. The song's lyrics, though, are honest and direct, as Troye confronts the idea of living without his ex, who won't stop appearing in his dreams. It's simultaneously uplifting and introspective, which is perhaps the purest distillation of Sivan's music yet.