First Out: New Music From Fletcher, Dorian Electra, Starrah & More

Shannon Beveridge


If you're looking for a weekend pick-me-up, look no further than these new releases by queer artists. Billboard Pride is proud to present First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new weekly music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Fletcher's gloomy new pop single to Dorian Electra's stunningly weird new double single, check out some of our favorite new releases this week below.

Fletcher, “If I Hated You”

Breaking up is hard to do, but Fletcher is here to point out that it’s even harder when you don’t dislike the person you’re ending things with. “If I Hated You,” the pop singer-songwriter’s newest single, is an ode to amicable breakups and how stressful that phenomenon can be — what are you supposed to feel when the person you’ve ended things with is still a good person in your eyes? As Fletcher establishes in the song’s chorus, “It'd be easy if I hated you.”

Dorian Electra, “Gentleman / M’Lady”

In classic Dorian Electra fashion, the avant-garde pop star is taking a look at gaming culture from both sides of the gender binary. With their two new singles “Gentleman” and “M’Lady,” and the accompanying music video for both, Electra presents two alter egos: one, the fedora-tipping, Mountain Dew-chugging, video game-obsessed simp creating their ideal love interest; the other, an elvish, tiny-waisted, fictional character brought forth through the male gaze. Add in some crunchy production, distorted saxophones, and some truly wild visuals, and you get one of Electra’s most fascinating releases to date.

Starrah, “How It Goes”

After years of writing massive hits for stars like Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, Madonna, Rihanna, Drake and many more, songwriter extraordinaire Starrah is finally owning her spotlight as a solo artist. On “How It Goes,” the 30-year-old singer flexes her songwriting skills over the song’s short runtime, letting her lover know that they need to change, or see themselves out. Or, as she so eloquently puts it, “Always in the way/ I don’t wanna play the game, and I hope that’s all right.”

Chika, “My Power”

“My word is my power,” Chika declares on her brand new single. She’s right — above her music’s production, its intricate melodies and even her excellent flow, Chika’s greatest asset has always been her songwriting. “My Power” is no exception, as Chika intertwines superhero analogies from the song’s source material (the new movie Project Power on Netflix, in which Chika plays a minor role), and her own rap prowess as she raps fiery bars like “Dare you to try and mess with me, I’m better as your friend and not an enemy/ Disintegrate your clique cuz what’s a tick next to a centipede?”

Jónsi (feat. Elizabeth Frasier), “Cannibal”

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi is ready to give you your daily dose of calm with his new single “Cannibal.” With some featured vocals by The Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Frasier and production by PC Music founder A. G. Cook, the new single sees Jónsi basking in his ethereal vocals before the song gives way to Cook’s expertly-crafted pop beat drop. For the video, Jónsi decided to keep it simple, with the entire visual focusing around one pole dancer, giving his best slow-motion performance with swords strapped onto his heels. It’s dreamy, it’s hypnotizing, and therefore, it’s a purely-distilled Jónsi single.

Davis Mallory, “Jane Fonda”

Do you need someone to gas you up while you’re stuck in quarantine? Leave it to Davis Mallory. With his latest single “Jane Fonda,” the singer is here to give a motivational speech that you’ll actually want to listen to. Set to a chunky bassline and some excellent ‘80s-style synths, Mallory reassures you that you’re not only “stunning,” but that you are in fact “fine like Jane Fonda.” 

Softee, “Keep On”

Many people can relate to the feeling of waking up from a night out and simply wondering, “What the hell happened?” But it’s likely never been as pastel as pop singer Softee’s new music video for “Keep On.” Directed by Little Women & Sharp Objects star Eliza Scanlen (in her directorial debut), the clip shows Softee waking up in a multicolored mansion with a wound on her head, as she tries to piece together the puzzle of the previous evening. The track itself sees Softee utilizing her signature blissed-out synth-pop sound to drive the point home, making for one of her best singles to date. 

Gess, “Clouds (Unplugged)”

Fans of singer-songwriter Gess have grown accustomed to hearing his voice over beat-driven R&B he’s released over the last two years. But with his new unplugged video for his 2019 track “Clouds,” Gess is giving fans a closer look at his voice — completely stripped down to a guitar, a piano and some simple drum beats, the new song shines a light on the singer’s intoxicating vocals as he croons about blissful love. “I wanted to take a break from the synth-laden r&b/pop tracks I’ve been churning out over the last year and showcase my voice in a new way,” he said of the song in a statement.