Ben Platt Celebrates Queer Youth With GLSEN Inspiration Award Acceptance Speech

Ben Platt
Eric Michael Roy

Ben Platt photographed on March 14, 2019 at Big Foot West in Los Angeles.

Since publicly coming out in 2019, singer/actor Ben Platt has made his advocacy for the LGBTQ community known on a regular basis. Now, America's leading LGBTQ education organization is honoring the star for his efforts.

On Friday (May 22), GLSEN awarded Platt with their Inspiration Award as a part of their "Respect Everywhere" video fundraising initiative. Presented by his The Politician co-star Judith Light and GLSEN's national student council, Platt accepted the award via video from his backyard in Los Angeles.

In his speech, Platt spoke about the importance of representing his community through his art, and sent a direct message to young LGBTQ people watching. "I've tried to spend the few years so far that I've had in my career making art that is queer and that speaks to queer people," he said. "Just know that I am on your side and I am with you, and your queerness is part of what makes you an interesting, intelligent, nuanced person, and I think you should celebrate it."

Check out Platt's full acceptance speech below: