Frankie Grande Transforms Into Joe Exotic's 'Husband Number 2' for 'Tiger King: The Musical' Video

Frankie Grande
Adam Bouska

Frankie Grande

It's been just over a month since the world began its obsession with Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and the wild Netflix documentary Tiger King. Now, one of the show's famous fans is helping give it the musical treatment.

With his brand new video "Husband Number 2" (premiering below), singer/actor Frankie Grande is joining the growing cast of Broadway composer Andrew Lippa's online parody series "Tiger King: The Musical (A Parody!)" In the video, Grande stars as Travis Maldonado, the late husband of documentary star Exotic (also played by Grande), as he begins his three-way marriage with the chaotic tiger breeder and his other partner, John Finlay (again, played by Grande).

While the video (directed by Ben Gettinger) begins with Grande's Maldonado being entranced by Exotic's fame, money, and access to guns and drugs, he quickly begins to spiral, realizing that he doesn't love the infamous zookeeper — especially since he was only one third of the relationship. "Besides just tigers at the zoo, one man's above me/ And I don't think I'll be coming back for more," he belts.

The new video is the latest part of Lippa's ongoing parody musical, which kicked off with the Kristen Chenoweth-starring song "Little Pieces," starring the Broadway icon as polarizing activist Carole Baskin, and followed by Phillipa Soo's "Saff's Song," where the Hamilton actress portrays the one-armed G.W. Zoo staffer Saff Saffery.

Speaking to Billboard, Grande says that he knew he wanted to get involved in the project as soon as he heard Chenoweth's hilarious number. "I immediately fell in love with the song and the project and decided to lip-sync [Chenoweth's] song for my Bathroom Talent Show series," he says. "I reached out to Kristin, as she has been a long-time friend, and told her I would be performing this and she lost her mind with excitement!  I shot the video, sent it to Kristin and then got a call from Andrew Lippa, who loved it! A day later he sent me the song 'Husband Number 2,' which he wrote for me."

Check out Frankie Grande's "Tiger King: The Musical (A Parody!)" video "Husband Number 2" below: