Queer Necessities: Bright Light Bright Light, Wrabel & More on Billboard Pride's May 2020 Playlist

Bright Light Bright Light
Warren Piece

Bright Light Bright Light

With Pride Month quickly approaching, it’s time to stock up on new bops! We're proud to present the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Keiynan Lonsdale, “Gay Street Fighter”

Love, Simon star Keiynan Lonsdale fights for equality on his infectious, funk-driven self-love anthem. “Everybody's just a little bit gay,” indeed!

Kyan Palmer, “Quarantini”

Pop singer on the rise Kyan Palmer encourages us to look at the bright side of quarantine with this fresh and joyous slice of pure pop bliss. 

Sam Smith & Demi Lovato, “I’m Ready”

This pairing is quite simply a no-brainer. Each time they hit that chorus, the song swells with even more emotive vocals and hard-hitting production. And by the time it reaches that final build, Sam and Demi have truly taken us to church -- powerful gospel-backed chorus and all, of course.

REYNA, “Coachella”

Sister pop duo REYNA continue their pop dominance with this dreamy-yet-bittersweet breakup anthem that’ll have you reminiscing about better days.

Bronze Avery, “Boys!"

L.A.’s Bronze Avery has just supplied us with one of those relatable lyrical gems with the instantly groovy “Boys!,” an ode to the “euphoric highs and tragic lows of dating,” which any gay boy can relate to.

FHAT, “Waves”

The latest from Berlin-based duo FHAT, who’ve been going strong together for nearly three years, is a much-welcomed song for the moment: a smooth and slow-burning lo-fi R&B groove that doubles as a reminder to put less pressure on yourself through life’s many ups and downs.

Iman, “Technicolor”

Iman Jordan celebrates finding inner peace and liberation through a little self-love discovery on his first 2020 release.

Brendan Maclean, “Easy Love”

Sydney singer-songwriter Brendan Maclean takes us to the disco with his first single of the year, “Easy Love,” an infectious dance-ready bop from the very first play.

Galantis & Wrabel, “The Lake”

EDM staple Galantis’ team up with Wrabel on “The Lake” is a timely release the artists collaborated on during stay-at-home orders across the globe, serving as comforting musical medicine for all of us spending more time at home.

Alex Newell, “Mama Told Me”

Multi-talented star Alex Newell reminds us of the importance of maternal love on the undeniably joyous “Mama Told Me.” It's the Mother’s Day anthem we didn’t know we were missing.

SONIKKU feat. Douglas Dare, “Let the Light In”

“Let the Light In,” one of the many highlights from London-based DJ and producer SONIKKU’s debut album Joyful Death, is a reassuring, nostalgia-inducing banger drenched in '80s synths and pulsating bass-lines.

Jodie Harsh feat. Haley May, “Filthy Rich”

London super talent Jodie Harsh continues to keep us dancing with “Filthy Rich,” an irony-filled club banger that holds a mirror to the mislead idea that money will bring you happiness.

Bright Light Bright Light feat. Jake Shears, “Sensation”

Bright Light Bright Light joins forces with Scissors Sisters frontman Jake Shears to celebrate those euphoric feelings of meeting a new love on “Sensation,” the latest taste off his upcoming album Fun City.

CHAV, “Fashion Ho”

Non-binary talent CHAV pushes forward with “Fashion Ho,” the second single following “London, Baby from their forthcoming Totally EP -- and it’s yet another stellar example of their future-pop agenda, with a little extra bubblegum gloss.

Leopold, “Paradise”

German artist Leopold delivers the right kind of messaging with their love-is-love charged anthem “Paradise,” encouraging everyone to live their truth.

Alessia Labate, “OMG”

Milan-based Alessia Labate doesn’t hold back on her latest release “OMG,” a strong (and yes, playful) declaration of their mighty and unstoppable personality.

Giuseppe, “Constellations”

NYC indie talent Giuseppe takes us to a different dimension on his cosmic and shimmering electro-pop confessional “Constellations.”’

Adam Sample feat. .Ange, “Uncool”

Singer-songwriter Adam Sample continues to prove he’s a star in his own right with his latest “Uncool,” an anthem for the misfits co-written by songwriting superstar Leland.

Jordy, “Things I Never Said”

There’s just no rest for Jordy; the L.A. talent is already back at it with an emotionally packed missed connections anthem.

Chaz Cardigan, “S.O.S.”

Nashville-based talent Chaz Cardigan calls out some of his toxic cycles on “S.O.S.,” a mature new extension of their signature shimmering rock with perfect pop sensibility.

Smallpools & Morgxn, “Slowdown”

A timely message for the present moment, Smallpools and Morgxn’s collaboration is a sleek and propulsive reminder for us to relax, take a deep breath, and “Slowdown.”

Gia Woods, “Ego”

"Ego,” the latest release from Gia Woods’ upcoming Cut Season EP, is an enticing and brooding reminder that the need for unhealthy control can often poison a relationship.

Sumif, “Want Me”

San Fran-based songstress Sumif is turning up the heat with her sexually charged new single “Want Me,” and we’re not complaining one bit.

Gess, “Faded”

With each release, multi-talent Gess only continues to impress and show immense growth. “Faded,” the latest from his stellar quarantine-made Psyche EP, is certainly no exception, and is equal parts powerful and intoxicating.

Quarterback, “Bone”

“Bone” is a continuation of the cool and confident soulful greatness we’ve come to expect from L.A. talent Quarterback -- only this time it has evolved with playful lyricism, and he’s making no apologies about it.

Alextbh, “Moments”

Malaysian trailblazer Alextbh switches things up with his latest “Moments,” a smooth and hypnotic electro-R&B escape made for repeated late-night listens.

Joey LaBeija, “Unavailable”

“Unavailable,” the lead single from Joey LaBeija’s five-track EP, Enemies of Progress, finds him taking us on a trip to the dark side as he demonically owns up to having poor taste in lovers.

Dai Burger, “Bite The Burger”

NYC rapper Dai Burger gives us a taste into her scrumptious world on “Bite The Burger,” a slick and confident spit-fire from her album of the same name.

Tokeyo feat. The Nico Show, “Khaleesi”

The latest from Tokeyo is a bass-heavy ode to the haters, standard fare from the L.A.-based dancer-rapper, whose sexually voracious wordplay aligns him with other fearless emcees.

BabiBoi, “Miss Bitch”

Texas-based rapper BabiBoi continues to use his dont-give-a-f--k attitude to his benefit, as he lays down some slick bars across a club-ready production made perfect for a ball.

Rubby & Ynfynyt Scroll, “Unloveable”

There's not too much out there about this talented singer but one thing’s for sure: his latest single is quite an intriguing and inviting place to start.

F. Virtue, “Honest I Would”

F. Virtue continues to expand on his brand of unapologetically honest confessionals with “Honest I Would,” one of the many thought-provoking highlights off of his latest project, All’s Fair In Love and War But Really All’s Unfair Always.

Michael Love Michael, “6 Jaguars”

Through powerful lyricism and synth-heavy beats, music newcomer Michael Love Michael tells a story of a white woman hidden behind extravagant wealth and privilege, protected from the worst parts of systemic oppression on the cosmic journey that is “6 Jaguars.”

Blair St. Clair, “Empty”

RuPaul's Drag Race star Blair St. Clair proves that drag superstars are capable are serving up much more than just your typical club affair with this moody, lovestruck R&B-driven banger.

Elias, “Holding”

Soulful L.A. crooner Elias keeps it short and sweet on his latest effort “Holding,” letting his vocals take the forefront.

DOV & Vaughan, “Reciprocate”

Tel Aviv-bred talent DOV returns with the first taste off of his upcoming It Feels Right EP, a hazy and hypnotic slice of emotional sexual exploration.

Adam Joseph, “Daddy” 

Multi-talent Adam Joseph’s latest is a super playful and smooth anthem for all of the “Daddy” lovers out there. Daddy issues have never sounded this good!

E. Alvin, “Appetite”

E. Alvin creates a brooding atmosphere and tells the painfully relatable story of a FWB relationship, where the "benefits" cause more harm than pleasure on "Appetite."

JEĀN CLĀUDE, "God of Grace"

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer, JEĀN CLĀUDE proves there is strength in vulnerability on his latest “God of Grace,” a song that 100% of the proceeds will go to the Record Academy's COVID19 Relief fund MusiCares.

Love Park, Jessenia & Jaimie Wilson, “Four Walls”

A soft and sweet guitar-driven duet made perfect for the present time if you’re shacked up with the one you love. 

Leadr & Wundr., “3am”

Leadr leaves his emotions bare on his most personal release yet, “3am,” a gorgeous serenade about finding inner strength through self-love.

Freddie, “Weak”

The non-binary crooner’s Melanin Monroe EP highlight, “Weak” is a blissful and intimate rush that sees Freddie finding some peace after unrequited love.

Adaline, “Ghost”

Rising Canadian talent Adaline takes us to angelic heights on her beautifully heartbreaking ballad “Ghost,” a song she hopes “explores the heartbreak between two people in love ending something meaningful regardless of gender.”

Shah, “Change Your Mind”

Missouri-native Shah pleads his case to a former love on his latest seducer “Change Your Mind” -- a hypnotic and dreamy slice of electro-R&B heaven.

Terrell, “Drama”

Like its title suggests, the latest from Virginia talent Terrell finds him releasing his frustrations on this cheeky and angsty R&B breakup anthem.

Mxmtoon, “Quiet Motions”

“Quiet Motions,” a clear standout from Mxmtoon’s latest Dawn EP, is another timely serenade that encourages us to find comfort in our own company.

Guard, “Martyr”

Guard finds his vocal sweet spot on “Martyr,” which he says is “about being too empathetic to the point that u take on board someone else’s problems.”

Dylan Russell, “Like You Lie”

Dylan Russell pleads for some respect and honesty on his impressive synth-pop ballad “Like You Like,” a true showcase of his powerhouse vocals.

Peter Jessy & Plastic Farm, “Be Somebody Else”

Peter Jessey takes a gloomy turn on his beautifully haunting and contemplative single “Be Somebody Else,” which is all about the hopelessness you feel in falling for someone who doesn’t see you in the same light.

Mykki Blanco feat. Devendra Banhart, “You Will Find It”

Originally meant to be an interlude on her forthcoming LP, Mykki Blanco’s latest is the perfect closer to this playlist, a calming spiritual escape ramped up with the right kind of thought-provoking lyricism.

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