RuPaul's Digital DragCon: The 7 Best Moments

RuPaul's Digital DragCon
World of Wonder/Getty Images for World of Wonder

Read U Wrote U is performed during "RuPaul's Digital DragCon" presented on May 3, 2020.

Even though physically coming together for a celebration of drag is no longer an option in this day and age, that didn't stop fans and queens alike from coming together through the internet over the weekend for the first-ever RuPaul's Digital DragCon.

Spread out into two days, each with a three-hour live stream, the event saw some of the franchise's favorite queens give stunning performances, wish their fans well, participate in short panels and sell their merch, while thousands of fans around the world tuned in to see what would happen next.

In honor of the event, here are the seven best moments from RuPaul's Digital DragCon.

Blu Hydrangea Brings The Frock Destroyers Back ... Sort Of

Ever since the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK aired back in 2019, fans have been clamoring for more content from the show-made girl group The Frock Destroyers (made up of Blu Hydrangea, Divina de Campo and Baga Chipz). So, when Blu took the the virtual stage for day one of the digital festival, she decided to bring the band back together ... by playing every part. Sharing a split screen with her own versions of her bandmates, the star pulled off a stunning lip sync to their signature song "Break Up (Bye Bye)" and left fans cheering for more.

Scardey Kat Offers Up Two Hilarious Songs

Another contestant from Drag Race UK captured fans' attention over the weekend — Scardey Kat appeared on both days of Digital DragCon to give fans a laugh with her comedic music stylings. First came her perfectly-timed track "F--- You, Coronavirus," where she lays out all of the problems the earth already had to deal with before the global pandemic came in and took over. On day two, she offered up a song called "Delicate Flower," establishing herself as a sensitive soul who just wants all of your attention, all of the time.

Rebecca Black Gives Fans a Full Concert

Coming to DragCon straight from her bedroom, Rebecca Black popped into the stream to give fans some calming acoustic renditions of her music. She started off with two of her more recent singles — "Closer" and "Do You?" — while talking about the emotional songwriting that went into both of them. But eventually, the star gave viewers what they came for when she picked up her ukulele and sang her viral hit track, "Friday."

Yuhua Hamasaki & Sum Ting Wong Get Real About Racism in the Age of Coronavirus

While the online version of DragCon mainly served as an escape from the harsh reality we all live in, former contestants Yuhua Hamasaki and Sum Ting Wong did take a moment to discuss with one another the hurtful racism that has sprung up since the COVID-19 epidemic began. Both being of Chinese descent, the two made clear that calling COVID-19 an "Asian or Chinese virus" only serves to hurt others and shift blame, rather than being accurate or helpful. "It encourages violence," Hamasaki made clear. "Same thing as a few decades ago, when people were talking about HIV as 'the gay virus.'"

'Read U Wrote U' Gets Its Very Own Reunion Number

There is no Drag Race fan who doesn't know the iconic lyrics to All Stars 2's finale number "Read U Wrote U." The meme-ified track got its very own revival at Digital DragCon, when Alaska, Detox, Katya and Roxxxy Andrews all appeared via webcam to perform the track for their fans. While Detox's face was covered by an Animoji mouthing her words for her, the group danced, kicked and fanned themselves all throughout, giving fans the full fantasy of a produced video, even if they were simply recording from their own homes.

Divina De Campo & Rebecca Black Chat About Performing During Quarantine

As any live performer can tell you, life under quarantine has forced artists to get creative with the ways that they connect with their fans. Rebecca Black appeared back at DragCon on day two to have a chat with Drag Race UK star Divina de Campo about the reality of trying to perform live with no audience, something Black said she's been struggling with since the quarantine began. "You don't realize how much you rely on the audience's expressions to give you that," she said. "It's been a refresher for me."

Honey Davenport Lip Syncs the House Down

While there were a number of excellent lip syncs throughout Digital DragCon, few came close to Honey Davenport's practical masterclass. Performing to a massive medley of her own music, including songs like "The Hive" and "Raw and Unfiltered," the season 11 queen delivered costume changes, dance moves, emotion and a powerful throughline about equality and race in America. Many queens performed, but Ms. Davenport slayed.

Check out the both days of RuPaul's Digital DragCon below: