Rum.Gold Looks Back In Order to Move Forward on 'aiMless' EP: Listen
Brooke Didonato

Rum.Gold thought that his time in quarantine would be somewhat relaxing. "You would think that with nothing but time, you'd be pretty calm and steady, but it's been pretty up and down to be honest," he tells Billboard from his Brooklyn apartment. "Like, some days I'm in a decent mood, and other days I'm just super not. It's actually not that much different from before."

But the singer is trying to use his time in quarantine as effectively as he can. With a new EP out, he certainly hopes that it will, at the very least, bring some peace to those who hear it. "I never really had a moment where I thought that this would negatively impact me music-wise," he explains. "I feel like the point of music and creating things for people is for times like this."

The EP in question is aiMless, the singer's second project since his debut in 2019. Comprised of six soulful, R&B-infused tracks, the new project charts Rum's journey into his own past, examining how pain is passed down between generations, and how it manifests itself in daily life.

Rum is hesitant to get more specific about the inspiration behind the album — the process of writing the music, he says, became intertwined with issues in his own life that "haven't necessarily resolved quite yet." But he says that he knew he needed to actually learn more about his past in order to move forward. "You can't know where you're going until you know where you come from," he says. "I feel like aiMless is just me trying to figure out where I come from, and just to know where not to go."

One shining moment on the new EP is the smooth-as-silk R&B jam "Waiting For," where Rum teams up with independent star Jamila Woods, the two crooning back and forth about what the singer describes as "two very different relationships." Rum explains that the two met during a Spotify writing camp held in New York City, when Woods decided to sit in on his session when no one showed up to hers. 

"She came, and she listened to the song, and she started singing down some ideas, and it all just kind of flowed out," he explains. "It was just really cool. That's one of my favorites that I've ever done, period, we were just able to find that common phrase for the chorus. It was amazing."

In hard times like these, Rum says he hopes that aiMless helps someone else listening who may be struggling with their own pain. "If it helps anyone in any way reflect on their journey with family, and life and love and why they are the way they are, and why they hurt, or why they react to ways they've been hurt, I would love that," he says. " I hope it helps people realize that there are more people out there who are similar in that way."

Listen to Rum.Gold's aiMless EP below:


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