'Circus of Books' Director Rachel Mason Toasts Queer Culture With 'Give You Everything' Video: Watch

Rachel Mason Give You Everything
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Rachel Mason featuring Peaches and Buck Angel, "Give You Everything"

When Rachel Mason set out to write and produce a song to play over the end credits of her new documentary, she wasn't sure what was going to come out. "It was my first time working as a producer, and my natural instincts were to go to gay club music," she tells Billboard. "It was deep in my soul."

The product of that writing and producing is "Give You Everything," an avant-garde, club thumper accompanying the release of Mason's new documentary Circus of Books (now streaming on Netflix). The song serves as an ode to the queer community and the legacy left behind at the now-closed West Hollywood book store Circus of Books, which Mason's parents also happened to own.

In the song's video (premiering below), Mason walks through the stripped-down shell of her parents' former store, as dancer Kevin Zambrano dances in its wake, queer icon Peaches performs in a flashback to the store's former glory, and trans activist Buck Angel offers Mason his love in the hollowed-out shop.

To Mason, this represents the clear storyline of the enigmatic store. "That's pretty much why I did the documentary, and the music video for that matter," she says. "I thought, 'If this store doesn't get documented now, it will never be documented.'"

The artist says that her collaboration with Peaches in the video actually came before the song itself — an opportunity came up to shoot a video with her, and Mason leapt at it. "I dreamed it up in my head that what would be the coolest thing ever was to have a Peaches video shot in the store," she says. "People like Peaches always thumbed their nose at everything, and she's emblematic of the liberation and freedom that Circus of Books is all about."

The Ryan Murphy-produced documentary, directed by Mason, follows the lives of her parents, Karen and Barry, and how they, a conservative, Jewish couple, wound up owning and managing Circus of Books, the premiere gay adult bookshop in West Hollywood, which went on to become a cultural touchstone for the queer community of L.A.

Mason says that she knew she wanted to document the history of her parents store, and the difficult legacy that comes with it, especially when her mother announced in January 2019 that she would be shutting the shop down. "I think this story got handed to me in a way, because I was born into it, and my job was to be as good a steward of the story as I could be," she says.

Circus of Books is streaming now on Netflix. Check out Rachel Mason's new video for "Give You Everything" below: