Queer Necessities: Troye Sivan, Alma & More on Billboard Pride's April 2020 Playlist

Troye Sivan
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Troye Sivan

Need some new bops while you're stuck in isolation? We've got you covered with our latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment website Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Troye Sivan, “Take Yourself Home”

The beauty of “Take Yourself Home,” the first taste of Troye Sivan’s forthcoming era, lies in the little details: the lonesome guitar plucks, the atmospheric synth pads, the distant vocal echoes and Troye’s earnest delivery. Oh, and let’s not forget about that masterful, unexpected electronic breakdown (complete with a bit of cowbell, for good measure) at the end – pure gold!

Alma, “Stay All Night”

Finnish powerhouse Alma’s latest Have U Seen Her? single finds her diving back into the dance-pop aesthetic that brought her to the forefront: it’s a dizzying, anthemic pop jam with a scream-along ready hook.

Adam Lambert, “Velvet”

The title track to Adam Lambert’s brand new album, Velvet, is a shimmery, catchy reintroduction to the pop world and a pretty spot-on representation of his signature sound, given a fresh disco gloss for 2020.

Tom Aspaul, “W.M.”

London-based talent Tom Aspaul takes us on a trip to his hometown as he liberates himself from heartbreak on this instant disco-influenced ear-worm, the latest from his upcoming album Black Country Disco.

Michael Medrano, “Do Your Thing!”

L.A.’s Michael Medrano continues to switch it up and impress. His latest “Do Your Thing!” finds him taking us straight to the dancefloor with some sweet falsetto for good measure.

JBACH, “Younger”

JBACH’s latest single, produced by pop staple nicopop., is full of punchy, summertime-ready hooks, slamming synthesizers and supremely crafted earworm melodies. It’s big, bold and fresh.

Vetta Borne, “Girls” 

“Girls,” the brand new single from Melbourne native Vetta Borne, is a deliciously funky slice of pop with a sweet-as-sugar chorus and heavenly vocals.

Starley, “Arms Around Me”

Australian songstress Starley makes her glorious return with the heartfelt “Arms Around Me,” a shimmering dance-pop offering that tackles the complexities of love.

Kennedi, “Apology”

The soft, soothing melodies of pop-upstart Kennedi's new single "Apology" make for the perfect pairing with her crying on the dancefloor lyrics that will have you in your feelings in the best of ways.

Zee Machine, “Stealing Candy”

On “Stealing Candy,” the first taste off of Zee Machine’s upcoming project, he lets his guard down and owns up to some of his vulnerabilities across this instantly sweet and satisfying confessional.

Fields, “48 Hours”

The latest from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Fields seems him picking up the pace a bit on this nostalgic yet mesmerizing, swirl of warm summertime beats, disco bass plucks and echoing vocals.

Carlie Hanson, “Daze Inn”

Rising star Carlie Hanson’s first 2020 offering is an all too relatable stay-at-home ode about spending time inside with a lover.

Jake Germain, “Compares to U”

Rising digital music maker Jake Germain showcases a bit of his softer side as he croons to a former love across this synth-y instant ear-worm.

That Kid, “Spectacular”

“Spectacular,” a clear standout from up-and-comer That Kid’s debut Crush mixtape, showcases a more vulnerable side of the mysterious personality, resulting in a spine-tingling drive-and-cry anthem.

Sam Creighton, “Go to Hell”

Sam Creighton comes a little more direct in her pop game approach with this instant call to arms anthem: “If heaven’s for people who don’t break the rules, then I can’t wait to go to hell with you.”

Siena Liggins, “Looks Don’t Lie”

Hide your girlfriend! Siena Liggins is making no apologies about falling victim to love at first sight on her latest addictive, genre-bending offering.

Jared Gelman, “My Dependency”

L.A.-based talent Jared Gelman serves nothing but smooth, throwback ’00s pop with his latest bop, “My Dependency,” bringing that future sound by taking us back.

Nimmo, “Do I Have To Learn It”

Electro-pop duo Nimmo come through with feel good anthem made perfect for a night at the disco.

Yavin, “Bitter.”

Boston rising talent Yavin comes to terms with striking out in love with comical yet bold self-awareness. 

Bright Light Bright Light, “This Was My House”

Bright Light Bright Light are here to help us kick off Spring right with a much-needed dance escape: “This Was My House,” featuring the voices of longtime Madonna backup singer duo Niki Harris and Donna De Lory, a song full of emotional delivery and throbbing throwback House pulsations.

NEO 10Y, “ILY”

British singer-songwriter NEO 10Y continues to deliver thought-provoking messages in music form with his latest sonic escape “ILY,” a song made “with the intention of all of us making active decisions to move forwards and progress.”

Protopapa, “Nina”

Packed with dark synths, bright electronica sparkles, and a thumping four to the floor beat, the debut from Milan-based DJ-producer Protopapa is undeniably impressive from the very first play.

Soju, “Bang!”

The newest single from “Kpop Drag Princess” Soju has got all the fixings of a truly fierce dance-pop ditty, without being completely overwhelmed by the comedy, camp and catchphrases that usually dominate most post-Drag Race originals. 

Pabllo Vittar & Thalia, “Timida”

Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar’s team up with Mexican pop icon Thalía on “Tímida,” which translates to “Shy,” is a delicious Latin-drenched replay-friendly bop.

Cory Stewart, “Do You”

Toronto-based synth-pop prince Cory Stewart’s smooth voice -- mixed with classic ’80s and ’90s dance rhythms–is an utter dream on his latest “Do You.”

Ieuan, “Sweet Boy”

“Sweet Boy,” the title track and clear standout from Ieuan’s new EP, sees him laying down his signature angst above some slick electronic prouction and a tripping trap pulse with a bit of boy band flair.

Justin Ingalis, “Good Love”

A clear standout from Iowa-born singer-rapper Justin Ingalis’ new album Aquarious II, this track showcases his signature slick rhymes over an island-flavored groove with one his catchiest hooks to date.

Bayli, “Sushi For Breakfast”

New indie queer talent Bayli kicks things off impressively with her confident and steamy debut “Sushi For Breakfast,” a spacey next-level R&B addition to your baby-makin’ soundtrack.

LEADR, “Gaia”

"Gaia,” the first off of LEADR’s upcoming debut album, sees him taking inspiration from his tough past, as he recalls moments of pain and suffering as a queer boy growing up in the '90s.

Orville Peck, “Summertime”

Masked singer Orville Peck supplies gentle summer-ready greatness wrapped in sweeping atmospherics, crashing drums and his signature country twang.

Jackie Lipson, “Someday”

It may be four years since she appeared on The Voice, but Jackie Lipson undoubtedly sounds like a pro on her stunning debut “Someday,” a soothing, lush slice of dream pop.

Rina Sawayama, “Chosen Family”

Like its title suggests, the latest from future-pop singer Rina Sawayama sees her paying tribute to those in her life who she has come to accept as family. "The concept of a chosen family is, to me, a queer one,” she says.

Noah Davis, “Lie to Me”

Viral superstar Noah Davis isn’t playing games anymore -- his latest “Lie To Me” finds him in his most vulnerable as he belts to impressive heights about his heartbreak moments.

Mathew V & Jocelyn Alice, “Missing Me”

Canadian crooner Mathew V and Jocelyn Alice trade powerfully emotional verses about love lost on “Missing Me," a tremendously sweet, moving pop collab done right.

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