Valentina, Blair St. Clair & Over 40 New Artists Added to PEG's 'Digital Drag Fest'


Valentina attends the Press Junket for "Rent" in Los Angeles on Jan. 8, 2018.

When Producer Entertainment Group announced their first-ever online performance series, Digital Drag Fest 2020, would take place on Stageit over the next two weeks, they were immediately overwhelmed by fans' response -- within 48 hours, many of the lineup's shows had been sold out. So, as a response, PEG is making their new online festival even bigger than before.

On Monday (March 23), PEG announced that they had added over 40 more artists, drag queens and otherwise, to their growing lineup of talent for Digital Drag Fest. Among that group are current and former Drag Race Drag Rrace UK contestants like Blair St. Clair, Valentina, BenDeLaCreme, Jan Sport, Baga Chipz, Raja Gemini and many more. Artists like John Cameron Mitchell, Rayvon Owen and Justin Vivian Bond will also be joining the massive lineup.

“We launched this festival hoping to unite a few fans with the drag artists they love during a hard time," PEG's founder and president David Charpentier said in a statement. "We could never have anticipated how overwhelming response would be around the world, from both artists and fans alike. We’re excited to work with so many talented artists on this lineup, and so pleased that GLAAD and Amazon will be part of this experience with us."

The organization also announced that GLAAD has joined on as a partner, and that 50 percent of the proceeds from the event's merch, thanks to partner Merch By Amazon, would be donated to the organization. In addition, multiple performers from the event have also pledged a portion of their ticket sales to the organization.

"The LGBTQ community often feels more isolated than others and during this pandemic calling for social distancing," GLAAD's head of talent Anthony Ramos said in a statement. "GLAAD is actively working to ensure our voices are heard, and to find innovative ways to bring people together, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Producer Entertainment Group on Digital Drag Fest which is set to connect people with some of today’s most dynamic LGBTQ performers and personalities.”

As for the drag stars joining in for the new festival, they said they were simply excited to lift their fans' spirits. "My favorite thing about performing in bars and clubs is to be able to spread joy through the art of drag," said Drag Race season 12 contestant Jan Sport. "Since we can’t do that in person right now, I’m pulling out my best mixes, live sung numbers and all my banter to put a smile on people’s faces from home! Drag has always been on the front lines of responding to national events, and this one shouldn’t be any different!”

Tickets to each of the limited 30-minute shows, along with a full lineup of performances, is available here.

Check out the official trailer for Digital Drag Fest 2020 below: