Jada Michael Goes After What She Wants in 'Freak' Video: Watch

Jada Michael
Jeff Weber

Jada Michael

21-year-old singer Jada Michael is ready to bring some much needed diversity to the queer music space. A plus-size, queer, black woman, Michael is kicking off the new year with an erotic video for her latest single, “Freak.”

The new track sees the rising singer channeling pure seduction. Throughout the relaxed, sexy ballad, Michael tempts her object of affection with memories of their past nights, recounting how great they were together. “Please don’t tell nobody/ About that thing I like to do/ When you know I’ve missed you,” Michael sings in her deep, smooth voice.

The “Freak” video is equally as tantalizing; Michael wears a body-hugging orange and maroon jumpsuit that reveals her full hourglass figure, as she dances with her leather-clad, tattooed love interest and twerks her assets in front of flashing crimson lights. The video’s overall effect is entrancing, sensual, and confidence-building for any queer or plus size person who’s felt less-than because of their sexuality or weight.

Michael — who was born in Reno, raised in Miami, and sang in choir and musical theater as a kid — tells Billboard that the song charts her own journey with self-acceptance. 

“Releasing this song is a huge step forward for me,” she says. “I struggle with feeling like I don’t yet know how to fully express who I am with my work, but this song and video are a reflection of everything I’ve learned so far about how to achieve that authentically. Within that focus of being true to myself, I was also able to represent my beautiful communities. I’m repping for my body type, my sexuality, and my love of the person I am. I couldn’t be happier."

The singer adds that while she may identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, she pushes back against categorizations. "The video for ‘Freak’ features two women, but I’m truly just your regular-ass 21 year old. The two can coexist!" she says. "I’m happy to and always will express my sexuality in my work. As a society, I hope that we are moving past putting me or anyone in a box. Everyone could use a dose of seeing somebody being true to themselves.”

Check out Jada Michael’s new video for "Freak" below: