'This Is Where My Noise Makes Sense': Elli Moore Arrives With 'Confections' EP

Elli Moore
Raen Badua

Elli Moore

Over the past few years Elli Moore has remained mainly behind the scenes: one-half of the songwriting and production duo Lyre, along with her collaborator Alina Smith, Moore has crafted songs for internet sensations like Gabbie Hanna and Kenzie Ziegler, as well as for bigger pop acts like Betty Who.

But in constantly writing music for others, the songwriter came to a new conclusion: start putting that same energy towards yourself. "The more I started writing, and the more other artists that came in for sessions, the more I was like, 'Oh, you trust me to figure out what you want to say, even when sometimes I don't know what I want to say,'" she tells Billboard. "I was able to use that formula I'd helped so many artists on to help myself."

The product of that realization is Confections, Moore's debut EP out today via Lyre Music. The title accurately portrays the sugarcoated pop gems within, as the singer pines for everything from a relationship, self-love, and even straightforward friendship while syrupy synths and bubblegum beats power her forward.

Moore says that her pop aesthetic is largely inspired by the music she grew up with, like Britney Spears and the stars of the Disney Channel, that helped her make sense of her own surroundings when she was growing up. "I think it was really hard for me sitting in school with friends in social situations, because I do have a really big personality, but a lot of people don't know how to handle that," she says. "I found [pop music], it became this thing of like, 'This is where I fit. This is where my noise makes sense.' I found a lot of inspiration for what I do now."

Like many of her clients at Lyre, Moore has already found a significant following online, with over 350,000 views on her YouTube channel, and more than 35,000 followers on Instagram. In her time working with multiple online personalities to craft pop songs at Lyre, the songwriter says that she's seen digital creators get overlooked by mainstream music entities and wants to change that trend.

"I'm very much about, 'If someone wants to come in and write a song, I'm not going to say no because they're not from a label, or they don't have the traditional music pedigree,'" she says. "The game is changing."

She adds that that especially applies for queer musicians, specifically citing Lil Nas X as a perfect example of someone who was able to find success in the mainstream after being embraced by the online community. "I think it’s so amazing that LGBTQ+ artists have the space to tell their own stories exactly the way they want to tell them," she says. " I believe Lil Nas X has one of the most iconic coming-out stories. He’s considered a Twitter legend, and people really resonated with how authentic and funny he is online. I think 'Old Town Road' became the chart-topping hit it is, in part, because the Internet wrapped its arms around him and embraced his music."

As for her future as a solo artist, Moore says she still has more to offer, if only because it's what she loves to do. "Deep down I've been an artist my entire life," she says. "It is the reason I'm in the business in the first place."

Check out Elli Moore's new Confections EP below:


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