Queer Necessities: Vincint, Sam Smith & More on Billboard Pride's March 2020 Playlist

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Get ready, March rabbits, it's time for some new tunes! We're proud to present the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Greyson Chance, “Dancing Next To Me”

Greyson Chance goes for the jugular when it comes to calling out a former fling who dodged feelings from their perfect moment on this menacing dance bop “Dancing Next to Me.”

VINCINT, “Save Myself”

“Save Myself,” one of six amazing gems from VINCINT’s debut The Feeling EP, finds him making a self-assured declaration to his loved ones. “This is a ‘shut up, stand there and watch me ‘Save Myself’ anthem,” he says of the track.

Alex Newell, “Boy, You Can Keep It”

NBC's Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist star Alex Newell is back at it with another sassy dance-floor filler “Boy, You Can Keep It.” Yes he wants your adoration, but you can keep everything else to yourself!

Laidback Luke & SXMSON, “Can’t Hold My Tongue”

EDM staple Laidback Luke's link up with R&B crooner Sxmson is a joyful, electro-pop escape with an emphasis on romanticism. 

Vardaan Arora & Nicopop, “Drama” 

Vardaan Arora is living for the “Drama” with pop master crafter Nicopop on this undeniably infectious dance-pop anthem. “Let’s get messy, let’s get hot. Tell me what you know…” 

Isaac Dunbar, “Makeup Drawer"

Isaac Dunbar's latest single "Makeup Drawer" is queer liberation at its absolute finest, touching on themes of gender roles, standards of beauty, and self-expression in the most sophisticated of ways. 

MNDR, “Open”

Electro-pop duo MNDR is back and more “Open” than ever on this slick and stormy synth-pop dream.

Guard, “K Bye”

Guard bares his soul on his latest “K Bye,” a thrilling breakup call-out anthem packed with bumping synths and a killer post-chorus drop.

Mike Taveira, “Curious”

NYC newbie Mike Taveira, who identifies as pansexual, celebrates romantic desires and sexual exploration on his smooth and minimalist sophomore release “Curious.”

Elliot Jones, “Groupie”

Rising L.A. pop prince Elliot Jones makes his intentions clear on his moody and sensual new single “Groupie,” all about feeling like he’s always going out of his way for others, only for them not to do the same.

Laskaar, “Solo”

Spanish soul singer, producer and visual artist Laskaar makes it clear that he doesn't need anybody by his side to be happy and live his best life on his summery genre-bender “Solo.”

Big Freedia, “Chasing Rainbows (feat. Kesha)”

New Orleans bounce legend Big Freedia has teamed up with Kesha once again, this time with Freedia’s new rowdy party track “Chasing Rainbows,” boasting a clear message of equality and self-acceptance.

John Duff, “Love of My Night”

John Duff takes us back to the glory days of millennial pop with his latest pop confessional “Love of My Night.”

Desiire, “One in a Million”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Desiire continues to prove that there are no limits to his music's versatility with his latest “One in a Million,” a mystical and hypnotic electro-pop track.

Christine and the Queens, “La Vita Nuova (feat. Caroline Polachek)”

France’s Christine and the Queens surprised fans with a whole EP's worth of new music, and her team up with Caroline Polachek on the title track "La Vita Nuova" is an immediate stand-out — a collaboration done right.

Jake Shears, “Meltdown”

Those missing the Scissor Sisters need to look no further with frontman Jake Shears’ latest solo release “Meltdown." Those cravings are satisfied here with his signature falsetto anchoring a unstoppable disco-tinged dance beat.

Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers, “Roses”

Adam Lambert is showcasing a softer and sexier side of his talents with this funky team-up with Nile Rodgers of Chic, the latest from his new album, Velvet, out March 20.

Sam Smith, “To Die For”

Sam Smith samples audio from the 2001 cult classic film Donnie Darko in their latest single “To Die For,” a gorgeous power ballad about searching for love so true that it is worth dying for.

Wrabel, “Hurts Like Hell”

Songwriting superstar Wrabel serves up an emotional punch to the heart on his latest belter “Hurts Like Hell.” 

Blew Velvet, “A Pattern”

Brooklyn talent Blew Velvet’s Franke EP standout “A Pattern” is a thrill ride of ambient textures, stabbing synths and captivating vocal layering. Blew’s voice goes from low to high on the mix, as if he’s fighting to make himself emerge from the all the layers of the track. It’s gorgeous.

Perfume Genius, “Describe”

“Describe” is Perfume Genius at their finest as Mike Hadreas takes us through a trip of multiple dimensions, unveils a screeching guitar and unleashes a heavy rhythm section on this ‘90s rock-feeling single from their upcoming album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, out this May.

Arner, “Roses”

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Arner makes an impressive kick-off with his debut single “Roses,” a hypnotic slice of downtempo deliciousness that explores a tale of queer love and loss.

Trapcry, “2 Seater”

Trapcry takes us straight to the bedroom on his latest dark and hypnotizing genre-bender “2 Seater.” That new addition to your late-night playlist is here!

Niki Black, “The Other Man”

Niki Black told Billboard that the "man" being referred to throughout her dark and seductive new single is not, in fact, a man or a character in her story, but rather a concept. "The other man in this song is... consciousness, as the serpent is in the Bible," she says. "It is the rebellion and awakening that will burst your Eden apart and give you the pain of living in awakening. The temptation, the lust, the embodiment of sexuality."

James Indigo, “Daddy’s Coming Home”

Up-and-coming rapper James Indigo’s latest finds him making no apologies for his wants and needs in the bedroom. “Daddy’s Coming Home,” so you better be prepared, baby!

Russell Elliot, “Bet”

Warning! Russell Elliot is making it known that he might just pull up and come for your man on “Bet,” one of his cockiest offerings yet. Take notice!

Victoria Monét, “Moment”

Ariana Grande’s bi-identifying bestie Victoria Monét is capitalizing on her “Moment,” quite literally, with this steamy R&B banger that puts her vocals on the forefront.

Furillostar, “Imagine”

Michigan-based talent Furillostar has been cementing his R&B sound for some time now, but on “Imagine,” he strikes gold with his earworm melodies and throwback sensibilities.

Kim Petras, “Reminds Me”

“Reminds Me,” Kim Petras’ first new song of 2020, finds her struggling to rid herself of the memories of her ex across a thumping hip-hop beat. She truly knows how to sing the pain away.

Will Jay, “Lies”

The latest from Will Jay feels more like a journal entry from the get-go as he shares his deepest secrets across a manic and menacing popscape.

HERDD, “Dies Mei”

HERDD’s newest single “Dies Mei,” which is Latin for "My Time," serves as a powerful reminder that the most important person you can learn to love in life is you.

Stefan Alexander, “Cry Again”

NYC’s Stefan Alexander breaks free from his emotions and proudly lets his tears run free on his latest release “Cry Again,” turning what some would expect to be a ballad into a full out dance-pop escape.

Dan Crossley, “Drunk Call”

Rising star Dan Crossley delivers one of his most personal songs to date with this raw and stripped-back ballad all about putting your true emotions to the forefront even when not warranted.

Gregory Dillon, “Love Again (Acoustic)”

Brooklyn-based Gregory Dillion has given his standout single “Love Again” a brand new acoustic treatment, making it all the more dreamy and romantic as he croons to heavenly heights.

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