Anohni Calls For the Fashion Industry to Stop 'Producing Right-Wing Propaganda' Via Kanye West

Michael Svenningsen/AFP via Getty Images

Anohni performs with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in the Aarhus Music Hall, Denmark, on Nov. 18, 2017 after announcing it as her last show.

Kanye West's support of President Donald Trump has long been a subject of contentious debate online, and with her latest post on Instagram, singer Anohni is aiming to reignite it.

On Monday morning (March 2), Anohni posted a text photo on her account titled "A Message To the Fashion Industry," where the singer slammed West for his continued support of the President, reminding those in the industry of all the reasons not to support Trump's agenda through Kanye.

"Just in case you forgot, Kanye West advocates for Donald Trump's administration," she wrote in her message. "And that gay-hating, poor person-hating, immigrant-hating, woman-hating, trans-hating, animal and nature-hating, abortion-banning, sociopathic, genocidal agenda is the goody in each of your 'sunday service' gift bags."

The post appears to be referencing West's recent Sunday Service performance during Paris Fashion Week, where the star performed in front of almost every major name in the fashion industry with his Sunday Service Choir in order to help promote his upcoming new season of his Yeezy fashion line.

Anohni elaborated, saying that support for West and his fashion career in the industry meant implicitly endorsing Donald Trump's agenda. "Lending your talents to West's product campaigns and your caches to the normalization of his heinous message endangers the lives of gay people, women, poor, working and middle classes, and the environment itself," she said. "You are producing right-wing propaganda with every tweet of elation, record cover, choreography or peal of 'Christian' joy that you contribute to West's dangerous campaign."

See Anohni's full post on Instagram below: