Chika Is Throwing Out 'All the Rules' in Rapid-Fire 'Industry Games': Listen

Courtesy of Warner Records


Chika doesn't suffer fools; with her raw, hard-hitting lyrics, the up-and-coming rapper has made a name for herself as one of the most honest stars in music today. Her latest track only further cements that status. 

On Tuesday (Feb. 18), Chika dropped her new single "Industry Games," a blink-and-you'll-miss-it track where she re-establishes herself as the MC to beat with blunt lyrics and expert delivery.

Over the strains of distorted bells and a thundering beat, the rapper plots out her rise to prominence, spitting, "I'm 'bout to pop off some other s--t/ Think it's a game/ They don't control where I live/ Royal flush n---a, the cards in my hand."

Along with getting her fans hyped about the new track, Chika also chatted with Beats 1's Zane Lowe about the track, saying that she wanted to put out a song where she reflected on her self-made success. "It's all of the rules ... it's the book itself. I think I'm rewriting it, so everyone's welcome," she told Lowe. "I think after doing this so long by myself, I've had to adjust a lot and learn the ropes on my own. And in that way, I kind of have unlocked this world to myself that's like, 'Oh, this is what everyone else is doing. This is what you need to be doing.'"

Chika then revealed her dream collaborators, name-dropping H.E.R. and Andre 3000, before throwing her fans a curveball with her final answer. "Just to throw out a random one because people don't expect it, Alessia Cara," she said with a laugh. "That's a bad bitch. The vocals on her ...Mm-hmm. She's so talented. She's incredibly talented and I forever will respect her. And if she wants to hop on a track or craft a song, like, I'm fully there. Fully there."

Check out Chika's "Industry Games" below: