Niki Black Takes a Lustful Trip Into the Garden of Eden in 'The Other Man' Video: Watch

Niki Black
Mehdi Oth

Niki Black

At this point, most people in the modern world know the Biblical story of the Garden Eden. But dark pop singer Niki Black wants to take a look at that story from a new perspective on her new single.

On Friday (Feb. 14), Black unveiled the video for "The Other Man," a seductive pop track that sees the star singing from the point of view of not Adam or Eve, but of Lilith, the "first woman" of Jewish mythology, and the inspiration for Black's upcoming project of the same name. Throughout the video, Black appears surrounded by various serpents and snakes as she sings of her origins, crooning "I'm a snake without my garden/ Out of heaven I have fallen/ Into lust that is too late for me." While she sings, the video cuts to various people in different stages of sexual tension, and occassionally, breaking said tension.

Black tells Billboard that the "man" being referred to throughout the song is not, in fact, a man or a character in her story, but rather a concept. "The other man in this song is... consciousness, as the serpent is in the Bible," she says. "It is the rebellion and awakening that will burst your Eden apart and give you the pain of living in awakening. The temptation, the lust, the embodiment of sexuality."

As for the video, Black says she wanted to create something that embodied the spirit of lust and rebellion that she had created with her song. "The concept behind the video is to elucidate an inner narrative and struggle with temptation," she says. "['The Other Man'] perfectly reflects the reality of how fleeting a moment of change and rebellion can be when going to the 'dark side.'"

Check out Black's video for "The Other Man" below:


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