Slayyyter Takes 'Full Accountability' for Past Racist Tweets

Cory Miller


On Friday (Jan. 10), pop singer Slayyyter tweeted out a handwritten note to her followers apologizing for her use of racial slurs in past tweets from 2012 and 2013. "Happy belated new year and new decade, yes I am alive, and just wanted to speak again on some things," the note read. "I wanted to say again that I am sorry to all of my black followers, supporters, friends and colleagues for these tweets of me using the n-word from 2012-2013."

Back in December, a series of tweets from 2012 and 2013 resurfaced online showing Slayyyter, then operating a One Direction and Fifth Harmony stan account called @camilkacowbello, repeatedly using the N-word in tweets. Fans swiftly condemned the singer for constantly using the word, and the star issued an apology in December, saying, "I was extremely annoying and cringey and would use slurs and say other things online because I thought I was being funny or edgy. As I matured I realized it's never funny or cool to use those words under any circumstances."

When the star tweeted out her initial apology, she received further criticism from some fans for failing to take full responsibility for her use of the N-word. So, in her latest note, Slayyyter set out to make it clear that she knew she was wrong and wants to try and make it right. "I want to take full accountability for my actions and start by delivering a proper apology," she wrote. "I wish so badly I could beat the shit out of my 15 year old self for behaving so inappropriately, but I can't. I knew those words were slurs, I knew it was offensive, but out of pure immaturity, I used it anyway."

Slayyyter continued, saying that she learned shortly after writing the tweets that "no non-black person ever has a pass to say that word in any context whatsoever" and that she has spent the past seven years not saying the N-word at all. "I am not racist, I have made mistakes during my adolescent years, but I have made active strides to do better since then," she wrote.

To close out her note, Slayyyter said she would be removing some of her upcoming tour dates and festival appearances to "do some self-reflection and regrouping" and that her vinyl and CD sales would now be going to charity organizations who support the black LGBTQ community. "I promise to use my platform to uplift black artists and creatives in this pop scene that still majorly lacks diversity," she wrote. "I will never stop apologizing for these tweets, and I hope to show you with my actions here on out that I have changed for the better."

Read Slayyyter's full apology here: