Trixie Mattel Is Bringing Fans to the Beach With Official 'Barbara' Album Teaser: Watch

Trixie Mattel
Albert Sanchez

Trixie Mattel

There's no denying that drag superstar Trixie Mattel has made a name for herself as a fast-rising country-folk artist. But with her upcoming album, it sounds like the star is trading in her twangs and heading to the beach.

On Friday (Jan. 10), Mattel announced the official release of her third studio album Barbara. Due out Feb. 7 via PEG Records, Barbara puts a new twist on the singer's sound, plugging in the guitars and delivering pure surf rock, in the vein of artists like The Beach Boys, The Ventures, and, according to Trixie, maybe even a little bit of Blondie. But for fans of Mattel's folksy sound, don't worry — packaged as a vintage double-sided album, the second half features more of the Mattel's classic Americana stylings, including a cover of Lavender Country's "I Can’t Shake The Stranger Out Of You".

In order to give fans a look into the album before it drops next month, Mattel also released a visual teaser for the project, showing a Barbie doll (the album's title references "the formal first name America's favorite 11.5 inch fashion doll") hanging out on the beach, as short clips of each of the new tracks play throughout the video.

In a statement released with her announcement, Mattel said that she wanted to release an album that fully encapsulates her ten year journey of playing this character. "A decade of being Trixie has me looking back at my initial sketches of her with freshly painted-on eyes," she said. "She's still the plastic paragon I've always imagined; a Malibu-mod fashion doll with a darkened wit -- but now there's more. While Hollywood has afforded me a life of astroturf and pink hi-balls, I've also been wisened by deep love and suspicious tan lines. I created Trixie Mattel with a 'Side A/Side B' to the character, so this record's two-part feel is as natural to me as teasing my hair."

Check out the album teaser, album art and track list for Trixie Mattel's Barbara below:

Barbara Side A:

1. “Malibu” 
2. “We Got The Look” 
3. “Girl Next Door” 
4. “Jesse Jesse” 

Barbara Side B:

5. “Gold” 
6. “I Don’t Have A Broken Heart” 
7. “I Do Like You” 
8. “Stranger” (Lavender Country cover)