Queer Necessities: Cub Sport, Miss Benny & More on Billboard Pride's January 2020 Playlist

Cub Sport

Cub Sport

New year, new bops! That's right, it’s time to refresh those playlists with the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Cub Sport, “City of Angels”

“City of Angels,” one of three gems included on Cub Sport’s new 333 project, finds the band at their coolest and slickest as they find peace through reflection on this chillwave pop healer.

Jordy, “All Good”

L.A. pop singer Jordy lets his boundaries be known on this emotional dance-pop confessional -- it’s heartbreak on the dancefloor, done right.

Jovani, “Stop the Show (feat. John Duff)”

European DJ Jovani lays down some bright dance production under John Duff’s spirited pop-stylized vocals on this euphoric club escape.

Miss Benny, “One Damn Good Mistake”

Miss Benny returns with one of his most pulse-raising offerings yet -- a shadowy underground club anthem for the thrill-chasers. 

Manú, “Find Me”

Newcomer Manú makes an impressive kick-off with this irresistibly sweet kiss-on, co-written by fellow pop singer Bronze Avery.

SASSY 009, “Lara (feat. Clairo)”

Oslo producer SASSY 009 (a.k.a. Sunniva Lindgård) links up with indie-darling Clairo and effortlessly marries her dreamlike club music into her well-established brand of melancholy pop.

REYNA, “Clueless”

Indie-pop duo REYNA’s latest single "Clueless" is and undeniably groovy, sun-soaked jam about trying to get back together with an ex lover off of their forthcoming debut EP.

CHAV, “London, Baby”

Brooklyn-based talent CHAV switches it up on this dreamy and deliciously melodic genre-bending pop escape, bringing the best of Pharrell to mind.

Saint Wade, “Indigo”

With its descriptive lyrics, dreamy flow, sun-drenched grooves and stuttering production, newbie Saint Wade’s latest output is destined to keep you warm all winter long.

Michael Medrano, “Bump This (feat. Jake Germain & Michete)”

Michael Medrano proves he's no one trick pony with the release of this hypnotic slice of club-ready perfection, loaded with a hot pack of queer collaborators in the form of Jake Germain and Michete.

Gabe Reali, “East Coast”

Gabe Reali is making his return with “East Coast,” one of the singer's smoothest offerings yet as he makes his plea to that special man. We’re thoroughly convinced. 

Noah Davis, “No Man”

The American Idol star behind Katy Perry's unforgettable "wig" conversation, Noah Davis, is ready to showcase a brand new side of himself on this liberating, hard-hitting rebuke. 

Louis Torre, “Bed Together”

Louis Torre makes no apologies for his toxic love habits on this infectious, tropical-infused dance bop.

Jaewynn, “Spice Girl”

Up-and-coming singer Jaewynn smartly nods to each of the Spice Girls while expressing her love and admiration for her special lady on this sunny bop.

Damez, “Big Mood”

A slick flow and non-stop caption-ready lyricism means that yes, Damez is a “Big Mood,” indeed.

Alextbh, “Superstore”

Malaysian singer Alextbh puts his vocals front and center on this gorgeous R&B-driven slow-builder that sees him tackling the complexities of falling for someone at first sight.

Trapcry feat. Pete Curry, “3008”

Trapcry slows things down a bit on his latest output “3008,” a hazy, lovestruck track with winning charm and sophistication.

FD Bordeaux, “Julian”

Philly’s FD Bordeaux laces his understated soulful vocals against ambient textures and a thrilling electro-R&B thump on this highlight from his Black American Manifesto EP.

Allie X & Troye Sivan, “Love Me Wrong”

Longtime collaborators Allie X and Troye Sivan tackle being misunderstood by the ones closest to you on this layered and haunting pop ballad from her upcoming album, Cape God.

Justin Ingalis, “Baby”

Iowa-born singer-rapper Justin Ingalis keeps it smooth and seductive on this sexed up dance escape, loaded with his signature slick word play.

Peter Jessy, “Where I Stood”

Sometimes the beauty of a song lies in its storytelling, and that's exactly what's happening on this gorgeously sung pop ballad from Peter Jessy.

Kisos, “He Didn’t Want Me”

The latest from Kisos, “He Didn't Want Me” is a beautifully heartbreaking, guitar-driven ballad about accepting powerlessness in the wake of a breakup. Prepare the kleenex for this one!

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Jon ALi is a NYC-based DJ and founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi’s Blog, which celebrates its 13-year anniversary this year. He spends his weekends spinning tunes at gay spots in Manhattan.

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