Melanie C and Sink the Pink Drag Stars Dance the Night Away in 'High Heels' Video: Watch

Melani C High Heels
Courtesy Photo

Melanie C featuring Sink The Pink, "High Heels"

Melanie C has had a massive 2019. This summer alone, the star embarked on a reunion world tour as Sporty Spice with her fellow Spice Girls (minus Posh), and shortly after went out on her own international tour alongside the LGBTQ UK nightlife collective Sink the Pink. Now, she's ready to give fans some new music. 

On Wednesday (Nov. 5), Melanie C released her new single and music video for "High Heels," a disco-tinged pop banger about letting loose and loving yourself on the dancefloor.

With inescapable synths and a club-ready beat, Melanie calls for her fans to gas themselves up. "I'm still feeling ten foot high, keep this feeling my whole life," she sings. "I'll be dancing home tonight with my high heels in my hand."

The video follows through on that promise of disco, showing Melanie C and the many queens of Sink the Pink working at what appears to be a vintage hair salon. As they makeover the various women that come through their shop, the clip quickly devolves into a high-octane dance party, complete with sparkles, glitter, colorful outfits and some well-choreographed dance moves -- all before ending on a shot of Melanie and a few coworkers sitting bored at their work, in a classic "it-was-all-a-dream" twist.

In a statement released with the new track, Melanie C revealed that it was in fact Sink the Pink themselves who inspired her to write the new single. "From the first moment I set foot in their fantastic club, I was blown away by the warmth and inclusivity of the atmosphere that had been created," she said. "It was a place where anyone could be themselves, whomever they were, while feeling completely relaxed about being so. 'High Heels' is also frivolous riot of a song, encapsulating an amazing night out and everything that goes into getting yourself ready for it!"

Check out the fabulous new video for Melanie C's "High Heels," featuring Sink the Pink, below: