Raja Celebrates the Day of the Dead in New 'Moodbored' Video

Raja Moodbored
Courtesy Photo

Raja, "Moodbored"

While the Halloween season may officially be over, RuPaul's Drag Race season 3 winner Raja Gemini is giving you one last spooky song in honor of the Day of the Dead.

On Friday, Raja released her new video for "Moodbored," a pulsing, rhythmic club track where the singer shows off her best Vincent Price-style vocals to give the audience a spine-chilling sensation. The video sees the star fully in her element, showing off multiple different high-fashion looks and serving up her latest vision. 

In the video (directed by the song's composer & producer, Tyler Stone), we see Raja going about her routine of performing at a club in LA, before realizing that it's just that: a routine. Officially "bored," as evidenced in the song's title, Raja peels out of the city in her decked out vintage muscle car, and reaches Palm Desert, where she suns herself by the pool, performs a particularly spooky-looking ritual, and ultimately wanders off into the dry, lonely desert. 

Check out Raja's high-fashion video for "Moodbored" below: