Vardaan Arora Wonders If Becoming 'Famous' Would Make You Like Him on New Single: Listen

Vardaan Arora
Hollis Johnson

Vardaan Arora

A lot of "good" things can come from fame -- money, status, power, etc. -- but up-and-coming pop singer Vardaan Arora wants to know if it would also make people like him more.

That's the topic of the singer's latest single, "Famous," an upbeat, electro-pop anthem where the star seeks out validation through hypnotic beats and turned-up synths. Co-written by Arora and queer singer-songwriter to the stars Jesse Saint John, the track follows the singer as he wanders through his hypothetical scenario, contemplating the reason behind his desire for success.

In an interview with Billboard prior to the song's release, Arora says that the song began as just that: a hypothesis. "I began to notice how differently people are treated when they have 'clout' or whatever," he says. "I also thought it would be interesting to explore this sort of desperation to be liked. For validation ... I wanted it to feel like a dream-like fantasy about achieving this abstract goal, just so people around you -- even your friends -- would give you this primal need for being liked.

While he may not have yet achieved that particular abstract goal, he did get to work with Saint John, who he says he's wanted to collaborate with since the two met last year. "I always thought it was incredible to see him use his platform to uplift other up and coming LGBTQ+ acts," he says. "It was honestly so easy and refreshing to have a queer collaborator in the room. I felt like I could be myself, which was important to me. There was just an overall positive energy in the studio and my ideas felt validated."

As for his future, Arora says that his fans may be shocked to hear that he's moving away from releasing only singles. "Anyone who listens to my music knows that I've been the queen of singles, but I've been working on some exciting stuff that I think might fit in together better as a longer project," he says. "Everything is up in the air right now, and I'm learning to embrace that. Just know that you haven't seen the last of me yet."

Check out Vardaan Arora's new single "Famous" below: