Donna Missal Singes Her Ex in a Fabulous Kiss-Off on 'You Burned Me': Premiere

Donna Missal
Lindsey Byrnes

Donna Missal

When Donna Missal released her debut album This Time, she quickly cemented her place as one of the fresh, new faces of alternative R&B music, with the occasional penchant for songs to bang your head to (see "Keep Lying"). But today, the star is shifting into a bigger, brighter sound. 

On Friday (Oct. 25), Missal released her new single "You Burned Me," a gloriously vast breakup anthem that sees the singer embracing sweeping sounds, like a chorus of horns, to deliver her all-too-real message. Fans of the singer will be familiar with the song's messaging — Missal details a break-up, but this time with an ounce of complicated happiness as she revels in watching her former life go up in flames. "I've been looking for reasons/ Not to feel what I'm feeling tonight," she belts. "But baby, you burned me/ You burned me for the last time."

The lyric video, which is premiering below, takes a simpler approach to the star's message. The grainy, slowed-down visual shows Missal wandering through an abandoned campground at dawn, while a smoldering pile of sticks and (probably) feelings burns through the background.

In an interview with Billboard ahead of the song's release, Missal said that she wanted to make sure that the sound of her new single could effectively translate the emotion she wanted to convey. "My producer on the song, Tommy English, had sent me an idea for horns in the post chorus and I thought it made it sound instantly joyful. I really wanted that to come across," she says. "The song is about getting your heart broken, but even more about what you can make of that. Rising from the ashes of shit burning down around you. It’s meant to feel like freedom."

A new sound isn't all Missal has to celebrate today — earlier this week, the singer kicked off her first date opening for Lewis Capaldi on his European tour. Missal says she's excited to be working with Capaldi (who she describes as "hilarious and so sweet"), but even more excited to get to introduce her music to a brand new set of audiences. "You really don’t know how your music will translate until you’re out there playing it for people and I’m excited to learn and grow and get better at what I do," she says.

Check out the new lyric video for Donna Missal's "You Burned Me" below: