Davis Mallory Says Goodbye to the Past & Hello to Sobriety in 'RIP' Video: Watch

Davis Mallory
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Davis Mallory

Davis Mallory is ready to introduce you to the new him, while bidding farewell to his past self.

On Sunday (Oct. 20), Mallory unveiled his new song and video "RIP," an upbeat pop confessional in which the rising star looks forward to the rest of his life after finally finding some peace. The video sees Mallory traveling through a house party and having fun, along with attending his own funeral and rejoining the world. "RIP to the old me/ All that's left of me is stuck inside your memory," he sings in the new track, which was co-written by Kyan Palmer. 

In an interview with Billboard ahead of the song's release, Mallory says that the song was ultimately an ode to his own sobritey, and that the "old me" he refers to is his "pre-2017 person when I was still drinking." The singer-songwriter has since become sober, and has been for the last two years. 

Sobriety is an important topic for Mallory, who says that the popularity of drugs and alcohol versus sobriety are unfairly imbalanced. "I'm angered that we live in a world that makes it cool to be on drugs and use alcohol, when there are devastating effects ... It ruins lives, it was ruining my own, and it literally kills people and ruins relationships," he says. "I really wish our society and culture made it cool to be sober -- and I hope that 'RIP' will help push that message."

"RIP" is just a teaser of what's to come from Mallory: The singer is currently gearing up to release his next full-length project, with more singles on the way in 2020. Mallory says that his new music promises to speak to his experience as a queer man more thoroughly than before. "On my first record (Loud), I wrote songs about a guy I was dating ... but I was not using male pronouns yet," he says. "This new record will have songs that define my sexuality more, while also being more narrative than before."

Check out Mallory's new video for "RIP" below: