Hayley Kiyoko Says Being Gay Is Her 'Biggest Strength': 'It's Empowered Me'

Hayley Kiyoko
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Billboard

Hayley Kiyoko attends the Billboard And The Hollywood Reporter Pride Summit on Aug. 8, 2019 in West Hollywood, Calif. 

Hayley Kiyoko is affectionately called "lesbian Jesus" by her fanbase for a reason.

The songstress stopped by Kelly Clarkson's new talk show to discuss how her identity has helped shaped the confident person she is today. "My biggest weakness growing up was that I was gay and I was different than everyone else, and now it’s become my biggest strength because it’s empowered me," she told the host.

"I think I really feared growing up because I was like, ‘Life is going to be so difficult and people are just not going to understand,’" she continued. "Going into my music career, I was just like, ‘If I’m scared, everyone else will be.’ So, I have to embrace who I am, I have to be the brave one because if I take that first step, everyone else will follow and they will hopefully grow to feel inspired and know that they can have a good life. They don’t have to commit suicide, they don’t have to not love themselves, they can be loved."

Watch the interview below.