VINCINT Channels 'Flashdance' in New 'Someday' Video: Watch

VINCINT, "Someday"
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VINCINT, "Someday"

VINCINT throws it back to the 80's with his nostalgic new "Someday" video.

The clip shows the crooner as he breaks into powerful, Flashdance-esque choreography in a dance studio. "I know what being alone feels like/And I know what its like to be with you/And if we could do it all of the way/I choose to be someday back in your arms someday," his airy vocals float over the synthy pop beat.

"I never like to go too deep into my own stories about my songs, because I want my fans to be able to create their own," he told Paper of the tune. "But this one is extremely special to me, because I wrote it when I was in a place of understanding. Understanding that love doesn't always mean a happy-ever-after, sometimes it just isn't the right time, and that has to be okay! But in the back of my mind there's that little voice that lets you know you're gonna be good, whispering "maybe someday though." It sparked a real thought between Andy Seltzer (co- writer and producer of the song) and I. [We] sat and it sort of poured itself out in a couple minutes. It was therapeutic."

The tune will be featured on the crooner's upcoming EP, set to release sometime this year. Watch the "Someday" video below.