Here's a Video Of Charli XCX Literally Yelling 'Gay Rights' While Holding Poppers

Charli XCX
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Charli XCX attends Charli XCX: Live From The Artists Den WorldPride at Pier 17 on June 27, 2019 in New York City. 

Pop stans across the internet are quite fond of the "gay rights" meme -- whenever a pop star does anything even remotely tied to LGBTQ culture, fans will simply tweet, "They said gay rights." Except today, Charli XCX actually did it. 

In a clip posted by Twitter user Bobby Caruso (and later retweeted by Charli herself), the pop star can be seen holding up a bottle of Rush poppers while actually excaliming the words "gay rights." Charli then posted the clip to her Instagram, encouraging fans to send in "more fun captions," inspiring a flood of funny lines from the pop singer's fans.

"Omg you threw the first brick at stonewall," one fan wrote.

As funny as the clip is, this is not the first time that Charli has taken a stand on, well, gay rights. In fact, on her latest album Charli, the star worked with an unprecedented number of queer artists, with at least 8 of the album's 13 featured artists identifying as queer.

Check out the full clip below:


gay rights / poppers 2 / more fun captions plz:

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