Reyna Create a Wild, Queer-Centered Telenovela in 'The Way I Loved You' Video: Watch

Ariel Kassulke


There are few art forms as simultaneously hilarious and excellent as telenovelas. With campy acting, dramatic twists and devoted fan bases, telenovelas are ripe ground for making excellent satire -- which is exactly what indie pop duo Reyna is doing. 

On Wednesday (Sept. 4), Reyna, made up of sisters Vic and Gab Banuelos, released their music video for "The Way I Loved You," an electrifying pop track about finding love after a breakup. To properly send home the song's message, the two star in their very own telenovela, complete with dastardly villains, complicated love triangles and fantastic meme-inspired captions. 

Directed by Savannah Ziemann and Conor Tarnowski, the video opens with the title "Como Yo Te Ame," and we're introduced to a cast of characters, including Vic and Gab who play "La Rebelde" and "La Soñadora" ("The Rebel" and "The Dreamer," respectively). As we're introduced to our other characters, and a lavish dinner party begins, drama quickly ensues — Vic's Rebel quickly begins an affair with the lovely ingenue, known as "La Güera" ("The Blonde"), past relationships come to light, and a massive food fight ensues. 

In an exclusive statement to Billboard, Vic Banuelos says that it was important to bring a queer perspective to their new video, since she and her sister grew up watching telenovelas where LGBTQ representation was scarce. "I was always very aware at the lack of LGBTQ representation because the characters in these stories are very defined by traditional gender norms, especially in the Latinx culture," she says. "I didn’t feel represented and able to relate so it feels fucking amazing to be in your own telenovela and this over dramatized love triangle with a queer storyline."

Check out Reyna's new video for "The Way I Loved You" below: