Chris Daughtry On His Emotional New 'As You Are' Video: 'We Wanted People to Feel the Love'

Daughtry "As You Are"
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Daughtry "As You Are"

When Chris Daughtry's wife Deanna officially came out as bisexual, the star made it clear that he would always love and support her no matter what by re-releasing his song, "As You Are," the lyrics to which Deanna mainly wrote.    

In the new video for "As You Are" (out today, Aug. 8), Daughtry is seen playing with his children and doting over his wife, as various couples of various identities appear on screen, while the singer proclaims, "I love you as you are." With Pride flags waving and unmitigated love shown throughout, the video serves as a message of support for the LGBTQ community at large.

Daughtry says that message of support is exactly what he and his team were aiming for in his new video. "We wanted to depict as much unconditional love as we could fit into three minutes and 40 seconds," he tells Billboard. "We wanted people to feel the love when they watch."

The singer also revealed that this was his wife and kids' first appearance in any of his videos, a fact that he's proud of. "That was a lot of fun seeing how the kids naturally reacted on camera," he says.

At the end of the day, Daughtry says that he wants his video to help those who are struggling to be themselves by letting them know that no matter what, they are loved. "This song is for everyone who feels different, alone, misunderstood, or unloved in any way," he says. "It’s about accepting someone with an open heart for who they fully are without conditions. Without prejudice. We should all strive to relinquish our judgement against one another and lift each other up."

Check out Daughtry's new video for "As You Are" below: