Rituals of Mine Announces Upcoming EP, Creates a 'Queer Space Jam' in Haunting 'Burst' Video: Premiere

Rituals of Mine
Jeffrey LaTour

Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine are here to put on a good show. The electronic duo, made up by vocalist Terra Lopez and drummer Adam Pierce, want to give viewers an entertaining spectacle with their visuals, along with sending home an important message. With their latest video, the duo did just that.

Below, the duo premiere their new music video for their track “Burst” with Billboard Pride. Opening with a shot of a referee and a team of masked basketball players, the video (co-directed by Kris Esfandiari and Colette Levesque) shows Lopez and her team of white-clad players, including a young version of herself, coming from behind to defeat the opposing team. “I stay on your mind,” Lopez sings, while making a series of baskets in a row.

In a statement to Billboard, Lopez says that the video represents overcoming past trauma to effectively move on in your life, with the young protagonist representing a younger version of herself. “The opponents all represent obstacles I've had to face being a queer woman of color in this industry ... this video was a way for me to confront both my childhood traumas and adulthood obstacles through the activity that has always grounded me,” she says. “Also, I just really wanted to create our version of a Queer Space Jam for 2019.”

Along with debuting their new single, Rituals of Mine also announced their upcoming 3-track EP Sleeper Hold, due out on Oct. 4 via Carpark Records. Lopez says that the new song represents a personal shift toward self-assurance in her artistry. “I made a promise to myself that I'm no longer going to play small or hide behind metaphors, that I'm going to really lean into self-confidence, self-reliance and take up space,” she says. “‘Burst’ is the beginning of that.”

Check out Rituals of Mine’s new video for “Burst” below, along with their fall tour dates in promotion of Sleeper Hold: