Kim Petras Discusses Creating 'Icy,' Says She Used Heartbreak to Make Her a 'Badder Bitch': Watch

Kim Petras recently stopped by the Billboard office to share the story behind her new single “Icy,” explaining how through the song, she turned getting cheated on into something positive, reminding herself that even though someone broke her heart, it made her a “badder bitch” in the end.

Petras tells Billboard that she created the song while in Hawaii, following a big breakup that had taken place the prior year in December, right before she embarked on her tour with Troye Sivan. “I was really heartbroken on that tour and had been cheated on, which really sucked,” she recalls.

The singer adds that even though she would have to go on stage every night singing “super happy” pop songs, she would leave the stage crying, and that feeling carried on through the end of the year.  “[I] dragged all of that sad energy around with me,” Petras confesses.

When she was in Hawaii, Petras was still feeling down about her breakup. “I kind of didn't realize the amazing things that had happened along the way,” she says. “Which was…me doing things by myself. Me kind of realizing what direction of music I wanted to go in…and the idea just kind of struck that all of the negative stuff, all of my heart kind of going cold, was actually a positive thing.”

She continues that while the heartbreak may have made her cold on the inside, it also made her a stronger person, forcing her to focus on herself and what she wanted to do. “It kind of made me realize the power that I have without you,” she adds.

Petras notes that when people listen to “Icy,” she wants them to feel strong.

“Whoever broke your heart made you into a badder bitch and a better person,” she reminds fans. “You can do anything. I hope it just makes you feel good about yourself. Even though it's a little heartbreak-y and it's a little like my heart is icy now, but that can be a good thing.”

You can watch the video above to hear the full story of how Kim Petras created “Icy,” and listen to the song below.