Blood Orange Depicts a Black, Queer, Versailles-Style Fantasy in 'Benzo' Video: Watch

Blood Orange Benzo
Courtesy Photo

Blood Orange, "Benzo"

Dev Hynes, the creative voice behind Blood Orange, has never shied away from imbuing his work with queer ideas. Whether through sampling queer icons like Venus Xtravaganza on Marlon Riggs on his seminal album Freetown Sound, or through working with other queer artists like Kelsey Lu and Janet Mock, Hynes has always represented himself and his community in the way that he best sees fit. 

On Monday (July 15), Hynes continued that work with his brand new video for “Benzo.” The video, directed by Hynes, opens with a gender-bent French court of black men and women, all dressed in elegant robe à la Française and powdered wigs, waiting on the performer to arrive.

“I’m bored, and when I’m bored I’m displaced, and when I’m displaced, you know what happens,” says the fabulous queen, played by Hynes’ frequent collaborator Ian Isiah.

Almost immediately, Hynes, also decked out in makeup and a powdered wig, bursts through the door with his cello in hand, quickly launching into the song. Throughout Hynes laid-back performance, the camera cuts around the room, showing the various attendees’ beautiful fashion as they react to the star’s performance. 

“Benzo” comes off of Hynes’ latest mixtape, Angel’s Pulse, which he dropped as a surprise on Friday (July 12). Blood Orange is also performing a number of festivals this summer in Europe before joining Tyler, the Creator on his fall North American tour. 

Check out the new video for Blood Orange’s “Benzo” below: