Tegan and Sara Announce Ninth Album 'Hey, I'm Just Like You'

Tegan and Sara
Trevor Brady

Tegan and Sara

The new album, consisting of new recordings of unreleased songs the duo wrote 20 years ago, is due Sept. 27.

Tegan and Sara have changed quite a bit throughout their 20-plus years in the music industry. Starting as a scrappy, punk duo based out of Alberta, Canada, the pair have gone on to become pioneers and symbols of success in the world of indie pop music. Now, it looks like the Quins are getting back to their roots.

On Tuesday (July 9), Tegan and Sara announced the release date for their ninth studio album, Hey, I'm Just Like You. Due out Sept. 27, the album will be a return to their former punk rock sound, with hints of their newer, pop-focused production. (Meaning: there will be guitars.) The concept for the album came to the sisters when they were writing their upcoming memoir High School (to be released Sept. 24).

“While working on our memoir, we discovered lost cassette tapes that had been unheard for over 20 years,” Tegan Quin said in a statement. “They contained dozens of our first songs, written between the ages of 15 and 17...we immediately recognized the songs as an essential part of our high school story.”

Tegan and Sara began re-recording their unreleased songs in April of this year, adding small tweaks to the lyrics and music but keeping the "essence" of each song intact. “This is the record we never could have made as teenagers, full of songs we never could have written as adults," the pair added.

Hey, I’m Just Like You is said to be "a full collaboration between the twin sisters. In some cases, Sara sings songs that Tegan wrote, while on others, Tegan gives voice to Sara’s melodies and lyrics." The album was created with a team of all women, including producer Alex Hope (Carly Rae Jepsen, Marina, Troye Sivan).

Along with their announcement, Tegan and Sara released a trailer for the upcoming album, showing home video footage of the pair playing guitar and messing around as teenagers, while an old recording of an acoustic song plays. Mid-trailer, though, the video cuts to modern day, playing the same song, now re-recorded for 2019 as footage shows Tegan and Sara in the studio, putting together their long-awaited album. 

Hey, I'm Just Like You drops Sept. 27 via Sire Records. Check out the trailer for Tegan and Sara's new album below: