Queer Necessities: Billboard Pride's July 2019 Playlist

Pride Month may be over, but that isn’t stopping us from celebrating the latest and greatest in queer pop all year long! We're proud to present the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the new bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

MUNA, “Number One Fan”

The members of MUNA make their grand return with an empowering synth-rock bite back at your inner saboteur. 

Vincint, “Say”

Pop up-and-comer Vincint continues his mission of bringing full-bodied vocals back to pop with his latest joyful anthem, which sees him channeling the upper levels of Whitney Houston greatness.

Matoma, “Bruised Not Broken (feat. MNEK & Kiana Ledé)”

Electric powerhouse Matoma returns with another explosive single titled “Bruised Not Broken,” this time enlisting MNEK and Kiana Ledé. The uplifting dance escape comes with all the feel-good vibes to last all summer long.

Daya, “Left Me Yet”

Grammy-winning singer Daya takes ownership of her insecurities in a relationship over a magnetic beat on her latest pop thrill.

Gia Woods, “Feel It”

Star-on-the-rise Gia Woods has yet to release a single dud, and her latest sensual offering, “Feel It,” is certainly no exception.

Merlot, “Sunrise”

New York nightlife staple Merlot is back with a new summer track called “Sunrise,” the perfect, new horned-up addition to your sexiest playlist. 

Mood Killer, “Cam Boy”

Mood Killer's second single off their upcoming Liquify EP, “Cam Boy,” sees them delievering a sex-positive anthem for the queer community, all about embracing and owning your sexaulity via online culture.

JHart, “Temporary”

Singer-songwriter JHart returns with one of his most personal offerings yet in "Temporary,” which speaks to the importance of remaining positive amidst true heartbreak.

Bill Priss, “Aries”

Brooklyn-based newcomer Bill Priss continues to impress with his latest pop confessional, appropriately titled “Aries,” that sees him finding some clarity and positive self-worth post-breakup.

Shura, “religion (u can lay your hands on me)”

British star Shura expresses her growing desire for physical contact with her girlfriend from afar on this funky electro-soul dance-floor filler from her upcoming sophomore album, forevher.

Josh Wood, “Vibrate”

“Vibrate” is the smooth and sensual standout from L.A.-based singer-songwriter Josh Wood’s latest EP, Orange. If you loved him on NBC’s hit series Songland, then this entire collection is without a doubt a must-listen.

Mark Ronson feat. King Princess, “Pieces of Us”

Oscar-winner Mark Ronson’s long-awaited new album Late Night Feelings features a slew of high-profile collaborations, but it's his team-up with King Princess that truly steals the show with its subtle yet winsome disco danceability.

Eledos, “Cuéntame (feat. La Pelopony)”

Queer singer Eledos brings the Latin heat on his latest team up with La Pelopony.

Chav, “Kickin’ On The Floor (Queen)”

Aside from launching his very own queer progressive pop label called Flat Pop Records, Brooklyn-based Chav is churning out some solid tunes of his own. “Kickin’ On The Floor (Queen)” is an impressive genre-bender that serves as a proper kick-off.

Keo Nozari, “Belong”

New York’s Keo Nozari new EP Headspace sees him exploring inspiring messages with the LGBTQ community in mind, and standout “Belong” serves as a dreamy slice of positivity.

Parson James, “Minute”

Southern soul-pop singer Parson James’ first release as an independent artist is an emotional yet liberating soul healer “that serves as a reminder that it is okay to be selfish at times, it is important to care for yourself in order to be the best version for any and everything life throws at you.”

Jared Gelman, “Check Your Files”

Jared Gelman’s new anthem “Check Your Files,” which follows his previous singles “Proximity” and “Return to Sender,” sees him tapping into his confidence with a thrilling pop production that serves shades of Pussycat Dolls in the best way possible.

Reigen, “Ride (Austin Leeds Remix)”

NYC-based talent Reigen gives his single “Ride” the Austin Leeds remix treatment, and the results are absolutely worth the trip.

Will Jay, “By Now”

The most noteworthy thing about Will Jay’s return “By Now” isn’t the sound of the song itself, but rather the story it tells, which is quite personal - it feels like a genuine piece of Jay’s soul, dedicated to his failures. It's beautifully heartbreaking in the most powerful of ways.

Jake Germain, “Jake (feat. Fagedlics)”

“Do you want to kick it with Jake?” If this hard-hitting bop is any indication as to what a night out with Jake Germain might be, we’re all in.

Laskaar, “Traición (Kelman Duran Remix)”

Spanish soul singer, producer and visual artist Laskaar has given his standout cut “Traición” some fresh life with this dreamy, genre-bending Kelman Duran remix that serves as the perfect accompaniment to his latest Sirens EP.

Alma, “Lonely Night”

Finnish pop powerhouse Alma laments an all-too-relatable story of unrequited love across a europhic mid-tempo dance production on her latest release, “Lonely Night.”

Quarterback, “Full Circle”

After making his debut last year, the soulful Quarterback makes his stunning return with yet another delicate, captivating serving of his soulful crooning across intimate production.

Carlos Vara, “Impossible”

Rising powerhouse Carlos Vara continues to showcase his vulnerability with his third single, “Impossible,” a refreshingly relatable and heart-on-sleeve power ballad made to be played at arenas.

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