Taylor Bennett 'Salutes' Lil Nas X After His Coming Out: 'It's Just an Understanding of Being Different'

Lil Nas X
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET

Lil Nas X performs onstage at the 2019 BET Awards on June 23, 2019 in Los Angeles. 

Following Lil Nas X’s public coming out, Billboard Pride reached out to queer rapper Taylor Bennett, who weighed in on the importance of the superstar’s revelation. Below, Bennett describes why the star's coming out will help many of his fans who are struggling with their own insecurities -- as told to Stephen Daw.

I don't know Lil Nas X personally. I met him briefly for three or five minutes after one of these recent festival or concerts...I forget which one it was. But I got a few minutes with him, he's very cool. I am a huge fan of his work though, he is an amazing artist. I really love his new project, 7. I think I play "Panini" every single day, it's very well-made, and he is a very talented artist.

I actually never saw his coming out post, I just heard about the news. But my whole thing didn't really change my perspective on him in any way -- he's still an amazing artist who makes amazing music at the end of the day. 

But I am definitely glad that he's living his truth and doing his thing. And I think that's what's important, because I think it inspires others to share their stories and be more open. It allows them to live in that mindset. It inspires other people to be themselves and live in their own truth, and so I salute him for that. 

Now, I have this great deal of respect for him, both in the music world, and now also as a person and for everything that he's doing and for everything that he's done. It takes a lot of bravery to do what he did. That is, ultimately, the most beautiful thing over all, past the music, and past everything else. It's just an understanding of being different and that being okay. 

Lil Nas X, keep doing what you're doing, man, I'm in your corner. I'll be watching, and I will be paying close attention to what comes next for you.

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Taylor Bennett