Claud Pays Homage to '500 Days Of Summer' in 'Wish You Were Gay' Video: Watch

Lani Parrilla


One scene from the beloved 2009 indie film 500 Days of Summer left a particular impression on pop singer Claud. In a scene where Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) attends a party thrown by Summer (Zooey Deschanel), the screen splits between two different scenarios, “Expectations” and “Reality.” Now, Claud is paying homage to that iconic scene, but this time from a queer lens. 

On Thursday (June 27), Claud released their new video for “Wish You Were Gay,” an aching love ballad about falling in love with a heterosexual person. The video opens with a message to the singer’s fans, asking them to watch the video twice, “once with optimism and once with realism.” 

The video, directed and produced by Christina Xing, shows Claud attending a party thrown by their crush, similar to that scene in 500 Days of Summer. On the expectations side of the screen, the artist successfully flirts with, holds hands and dances with the hostess. But on the reality side, Claud remains isolated, trying to get her attention, but ultimately fleeing the party. In a surreal turn, though, they find and begin flirting with what appears to be a blowup doll.

Claud revealed that while they thought the video would probably isolate some fans, they were confident most would understand its universal message. “At the very core of it, the song is a ballad about unrequited love, and I really wanted the video to capture that,” they tell Billboard. “Queer or not queer, I think the experience of loving someone who just doesn’t love you back can happen to anyone. “

Claud also wanted their song to promote something more important. So, they teamed up with The Trevor Project to make a series of “Wish You Were Gay” t-shirts, the proceeds of which they were donating back to the organization. “I’m honored to align myself with such an incredible organization and hoping these funds allow them to expand and establish themselves as a go to resource for young queer people.”

Check out Claud’s new video for “Wish You Were Gay” below: