Pride Picks: 6 New Songs & Videos From LGBTQ Artists to Check Out This Weekend

Darren Craig


As Pride Month continues, Billboard Pride is rounding up a few recently released queer anthems, bops, jams and good-old-fashioned songs from the LGBTQ community that crossed our paths and piqued our interest. Check out some of our favorites below:

LP, “Shaken”

In her new video for “Shaken,” indie rock star LP visualizes the feeling of watching your ex flirting with someone else with a low-fi cartoon. What starts as a normal interaction in a diner quickly devolves into a spiral of anxiety, as the video becomes more and more surreal by the second.

Mark Ronson & King Princess, “Pieces of Us”

Off of Mark Ronson’s brand-new album Late Night Feelings, “Pieces of Us” is a dream-pop delusion about wanting so badly to get back together with someone, but knowing it will never work. Ronson ingeniously teamed up with new Zelig Records signee King Princess to bring this hazy breakup track to life.

Bitch, “Easy Target”

In her latest single, Karen Mould, better known by her stage name Bitch, goes after those who would go after her. As woozy synths permeate through “Easy Target,” Mould proclaims that you can take all of the shots you want at her, because “at the end of the day/ I’m still proud.” Want to see her perform the track live? Bitch is performing at L.A.’s Hotel Cafe this Saturday (June 22) & Saturday, June 29.

Máni Orrason, “Numb”

Indie pop artist Máni Orrason released his latest EP Baby Angel on Friday (June 21), and the standout track is “Numb,” a smooth, synth-heavy track about needing more out of a relationship. The accompanying video shows Orrason moving around a resort, finding every way imaginable to bring himself some bliss.

Parson James, “Minute”

Parson James is back! The up-and-coming pop singer released his latest song “Minute” on Friday, a bouncing pop jam where the singer gets real about feeling burnt out and needing just a moment to collect his thoughts. We’re living for this new, independent phase of the star’s career, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Kim Petras, “Another One”

Before releasing her upcoming collection Clarity on June 27, Kim Petras blessed us with yet another single, “Another One.” Trading in her signature bops for a slower, smoother sound, “Another One” sees Kim in a blissful moment with her lover, asking them to keep telling her how much she means to them. With so many singles in a row, we can’t wait to see what else Kim has in store for her full project!