Listen to Italian Pop Artist Andrea Di Giovanni's Summer of Pride Playlist

Andrea Di Giovanni
Spencer Cooper

Andrea Di Giovanni 

Andrea Di Giovanni has been on a roll. Last month, the Italian genderqueer pop singer released his new EP Permission, a sometimes sad, sometimes uplifting album about consent, queer life and getting down and dirty in the club. Now, he's ready to get your blood pumping for Pride month. 

As a part of Billboard's Summer of Pride, Di Giovanni put together a special playlist for some of his favorite anthems for celebrating Pride Month, including some of his favorite queer stars like Kim Petras, Dorian Electra, Janelle Monáe and many more. Check out the singer's picks, and his thoughts on his favorite tracks, below:

Charli XCX, “Blame It On Your Love (feat. Lizzo)”

"The summer hit we deserved from pop masters Charli and Lizzo. A revamp of 'Track 10' from Charli XCX’s 2017 album Pop 2, 'Blame It On Your Love' is going to make you dance and live your life at its fullest this summer. Certified pop bop."

Andrea Di Giovanni, “Bang”

"Club-ready ‘Bang’ is the perfect song to get you hyped and ready to go to the club to dance and vogue the house down. Flaunt your talents, own your life, run the town with a BANG."

Kim Petras, “Got My Number”

"Kim has dropped six incredible tracks in the past couple of months but this is my absolute favourite. Carefree attitude, fun lyrics and the gag of exposing her best friend Jesse Saint John’s phone number in the pre-chorus might be one of the most iconic moments in pop music thus far. I wonder if he got any texts."

Michael Medrano, “No More Tequila”

"A chilled banger about getting drunk and going totally crazy afterwards. The best single that Michael has released so far, catchy chorus and tasteful use of Auto-Tune in his vocals. A great pre-drink track to play before any wild Pride parties."

Jesse Saint John, “Wall (feat. Brooke Candy and Lil Aaron)”

"I’ve been fascinated by this tune as long as it came out, a weird almost horror-like production with incredibly powerful lyrics and flows that will want to make you ‘smash your head against the wall.’ Also, Brooke Candy’s verse slays the house down, pure fire. Aggression, yet super intriguing. Love."

Davy Boy, “Dirty Mind (feat. Dai Burger)”

"Davy Boi is an incredibly eclectic artist from L.A. and it's the king of chilled tunes. ‘Dirty Mind’ is sexy and seductive, yet perfect for lounging with your friends while drinking fruity cocktails on the beach. Combining the best of both worlds of pop. It certainly has The Weeknd vibes with a more electric pop feel. Yas." 

Dorian Electra, “Flamboyant”

"One of my favourite songs ever written. This song is a queer manifesto about being extra, flamboyant and embracing your over the top personality without having to limit yourself. Dorian is a beacon of light for trans/gender non-conforming people. Don’t sleep on Dorian!"

Vardaan Arora, “January”

Vardaan is the “songs for sad people” king and ‘January’ is one of his best releases so far. A chilled tune for your road trips while you’re driving home from a holiday, remembering the good times.

Lauv, “I’m So Tired (feat. Troye Sivan)”

"Probably my favourite track by Lauv, ‘I’m So Tired’ is the song for all of us single people out there, or those who just got out of a relationship. Time to have fun and take care of yourself! Great commercial track, with amazing vocals from Troye."

Dan Crossley, “Mind Games”

"Relationships can be a tough matter. Play ‘Mind Games’ and Dan knows all about it. He’s warning his ex lover that he’s now ready to move on and forget about him while he dances. We hear you Dan, 100 percent."

Janelle Monáe, “Make Me Feel”

"With a Prince-inspired beat, ‘Make Me Feel’ is my favourite song from Janelle’s last album Dirty Computer. Fusing funk, soul and electronica, Janelle gave us such an iconic bop to dance our booties to."

Kisos, “Happily Ever After”

"Heartbreak never sounded sweeter on ‘Happily Ever After’; Kisos captured perfectly the sadness that comes when a relationship is over combining it with an up-tempo summer beat and a banging chorus. Genius."

Vincint, “Please Don’t Fall In Love”

"Vincint is such an incredible talent and this song is a masterpiece. Remembering old relationships, reliving that desperation and pain asking himself to not fall in love again, ‘Please Don’t Fall In Love’ cuts deep and Vincint, we felt you."

Call Me Loop, “Body Like Yours”

"With a snappy fun bop about sexual attraction between two lovers, Call Me Loop provides the best Pride Romance bop. Carefree and fun attitude that will make you wanna dance and kiss all the boys out there."

Monique Heart, “Brown Cow Stunning”

"Last but certainly never least: 'Brown Cow Stunning.' This song really resonates with my upbringing. Monique Heart is the daughter of a very religious family, and has vocalised her struggles with this and expressing who you are, in both RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 and All Stars 4. ‘Brown Cow Stunning’ is about being who you are and being stunning, so to me it’s a very empowering track for LGBTQ+ people across the globe who are struggling with coming to terms with who they are and accepting themselves. Monique, thank you."


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