Bronze Avery Throws a Big, Gay Sleepover in New 'Spilling Out' Video: Watch

Bronze Avery
Shawn Binder

Bronze Avery

When you’re young, there’s nothing quite as fun as a big sleepover with all of your friends — staying up all night, eating junk food, gossiping about the people who aren’t there and dancing the night away. That’s the kind of fun that Bronze Avery wants to have as an adult.

In his new video for “Spilling Out” (premiering below), Avery throws a massive, gay slumber party, complete with manicures, matching robes and a whole lot of dancing. “Here’s to all by baddies, daddies, tasties, wasties,” he proclaims at the start of the video, with a cocktail in his hand. “Let’s get crazy-wastey, baby!”

In an interview with Billboard, Avery revealed that the video was filmed at an actual slumber party he decided to throw with his friends, saying that he wanted to capture the real feeling of throwing a fun party with friends. “I had the concept of an all-boys sleepover music video for years, but I really wanted everything in the video to feel extremely authentic,” he says. “I invited some close friends over and told them I would be filming them, bought some tequila and the rest was history.”

The singer added that the video is also meant as a document of real, gay friendship, citing the real life stigma that gay people can’t be friends without sex being involved. “We can be flirty for sure, but I just feel the most safe and myself when I’m with my community,” he says. “There should definitely be more of that shown in the media.”

But Avery adds that stereotypes surrounding the LGBTQ community are shifting in this day and age, thanks to the further inclusion of queer people in media spaces. “Now I see celebrities and allies speaking up and standing up for our basic human right to love who we want to and to express ourselves the way we see fit,” he says. “After all, doesn’t everyone want and deserve that?”

Check out Bronze Avery’s new video for “Spilling Out” below:


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